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Trip and Fall in an Airplane

Airplane injuries are not uncommon given the fact that the planes are cramped spaces with lots of users present on them every day. Many plans are not serviced in between trips because of the quick turn-around time, but when there is ample time between flights, maintenance workers and such are more primarily focused on the mechanics of the plane and making sure it has enough fuel, or that all of its parts are in working order. Any defects with the interior of the plane may be largely ignored in favor of routine inspection, which can lead to accidents. There are also dangerous situations that can arise that flight attends may not warn you about or you may not notice as you are boarding or moving around on the plane. If you are hurt in a trip and fall in an airplane, you can take legal action against the airline and pursue compensation. Let the Downtown LA Law Group help you file your claim.
What Should I Do After a Slip Trip and Fall Accident Lawyer

How Trip and Fall Accidents Happen in Airplanes

Trip and falls are the most common occurrences that lead to injuries because they can happen anywhere and anytime. They are often the result of some slight negligence, such as a slippery floor. On airplanes, the window for negligence is much smaller because of the size of the space, but accidents still occur regularly. A few reasons that trip and fall accidents occur on planes include:
  • Turbulence: When a plane encounters a mixture of warm and cold air in the sky, there can be a fierce shaking sensation that the pilot must operate through. The shakingoften prompts pilots to tell passengers to remain seated with their seatbelts on, but some passengers ignore this warning. In other instances, though, the pilots do not provide warnings, and the turbulence winds up causing people to fall in the aisles or in the bathroom.
  • Torn carpeting: The carpets on planes undergo a lot of wear and tear each day. They have dozens of people walking across them and numerous pieces of luggage dragged across then. Torn carpeting can be dangerous because all that needs to be torn is a very small section; a simple snag can be enough to cause a person to get caught, trip, and fall.
  • Stray baggage: Passengers on airplanes may let their carryon bags, purses, backpacks, duffel bags, and other pieces of luggage stick out into the aisles from underneath the seats. If someone gets caught on the straps or steps wrongly, he can easily fall over the luggage.
  • Drink carts: Beverage carts that are pushed by flight attendants often take up the entire aisle, but they may be stuck out and cause people to fall over them. The same can be said of garbage bags and stray items that the flight attendants use. Falling near a drink cart can cause beverages to spill, and if there is hot coffee being served, the effects could be much more severe.
  • Unmarked aisle steps: Some planes are not completely level through and have small steps and raises in the aisles. If these steps are not marked, people can trip and fall on them due to the unawareness.
Who is Responsible If You Are Injured at the Airport? In addition to accidents that happen on the airplanes, there are also accidents that can occur outside of it. The jet bridge, or the connecting tunnel between the plane and the terminal, has numerous raises and drops that can cause accidents. It may also have torn carpeting and gaps in it where your feet can get stuck. There is also the chance for you to fall in the airport itself on slippery floors, on cracked floors, on faulty escalators, on stairs with no handrails, on stray materials in walkways, on vehicles, and more. If you have been hurt in a trip and fall accident on an airplane, you should sue the airline for damages.
Nerve Damage from Slip and Fall Accident – Paralysis Injury

Injuries from a Trip and Fall Accident on an Airplane

There are many different kinds of injuries that can happen if you trip and fall on an airplane or at an airport. There is no way to determine how severe an injury will be; each case is different and what may be a simple fall with no damages to one person could result in broken bones for another. Some of the injuries we have seen in airplane trip and fall injuries include:
  • Torn muscles
  • ACL and MCL damage to the knee
  • Hip injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Herniated disc
  • Tailbone injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Sprains
  • Dislocations
  • Nerve damage
  • CRPS
  • Paralysis

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The injuries may also aggravate old damages that were dormant or spur a flare up of lingering trauma. You may need extensive medical treatment in some cases. For example, a trip and fall can result in a disc injury that may eventually require a fusion treatment after previous procedures proved futile.

Airline Negligence

The airline can be held responsible for your injuries if you can prove that it was negligent in its duty. Airlines should always exert a high level of care for their customers and ensure that they are not injured. The law is the same regardless; you must show the following four points:
  • You were owed a duty of care by the airline
  • The duty of care was breached in some manner, such as by not repairing torn carpeting
  • The breach of duty led to an accident, like a trip a fall
  • The accident resulted in actual physical injuries, like broken bones or back damage
  • Slip and Fall Attorney Los Angeles
    If you were not physically injured, you will not be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. Bear in mind that if even one of these four points is shown to be false, the entire claim will be thrown out. You may find it very difficult to prove that you were a victim of negligent action. You might not have the slightest idea of how to proceed or what to do for a lawsuit. It is in your best interest to seek out the assistance of a skilled airplane trip and fall attorney.

    What To Do After A Trip And Fall Accident On An Airplane

    If you have been involved in a trip and fall accident on an airplane, you should not panic and make sure that you gather evidence for your lawsuit. The ore proof you have of the accident and your injuries, the more likely it is that you will be successful with your claim. One of the benefits of an accident that happens on an airplane is that the evidence cannot go very far or be corrupted until much later, so you can get the proof while you are still present. First, you should get medical help. This may not be possible if it is a mid-flight injury, but upon touching down, you should go to the hospital or get help from the paramedics. They can see if there are any damages that are immediate and must be treated at once. Often, people will avoid medical treatment because they are not that seriously hurt or they do not feel injured, which is a mistake. There may be hidden damages masked by adrenaline, for one, and it is important to put your health first. Moreover, the longer you wait to go see the doctor, the more likely it is that the insurance agent will deny your claim.
    Slip and Fall Accident Brain Injury Attorney
    After that, you should take photos of the scene of the accident or hazard, as well as the injuries you suffered. The more evidence you have of how the incident happened, the better off you will be. You can request that other passengers give you their testimonies and eyewitnesses on the incident, which can help bolster your claim.

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    It is important that you hold on to documents from the flight, such as your flight ticket and passport, boarding pass, luggage or baggage claim sheet, a receipt, a bank statement, and more.
    Common Causes of Airplane Accidents
    Finally, it is important that you contact an aviation accident lawyer with experience in trip and fall accidents on airplanes. You should not hesitate to call for assistance and you should not try to handle the claim by yourself. Too often, individuals will try to deal with a lawsuit with no outside help, and they do not win anything at all. Their claims are often thrown out and they are unable to negotiate a fair settlement. Reach out to an airplane trip and fall accident lawyer today.

    Earnings from an Accident on an Airplane

    If you have been hurt in an accident on an airplane, you could sue for ample damages. These damages may contain the following:
    • Medical expenses from the past and future
    • Lost income from the time you spent away from work from the past and future
    • Property damage for lost or broken items
    • Pain and suffering damages to account for emotional trauma and psychological anguish
    In the most extreme cases, you could sue for wrongful death damages if a loved one dies due to complications stemming from an airplane trip and fall accident. You may be able to collect funeral and burial fees, loss of consortium, loss of expected savings and inheritance, pre-death medical expenses and pain and suffering, and more.
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    With the assistance of our attorneys, you can receive every penny you deserve from the airline after a trip and fall accident.

    Let Our Firm Handle Your Case

    The Downtown LA Law Group has taken on hundreds of lawsuits against airplanes and airliners after plaintiffs fell and were injured in slip and fall accidents. We know the best tactics to win your claim and will not give up until we are fully satisfied with the results. If we have to go to court to win your claim, we more than willing to do so.
    Aviation Accident Information: Types, Causes, and More
    Reach out to us today for a free legal consultation to discuss your claim. We’ll inform you what we believe we can win or your case and how much we believe it’s worth. If you want to hire us, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee. This says that you won’t pay any fees during the process, and we will only get reimbursed if we win. If we lose, we take no payments at all, and you walk away debt free to our firm. For more details, call the Downtown LA Law Group. we will help you sue an airline for a trip and fall accident in an airplane.


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