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TravelCenters of America Injury Attorney

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Slip and Fall in the TravelCenters of America Shower

If you have traveled to a TravelCenters of America and booked a shower from them, you might be familiar with the hazards that come with using that shower facility. The showers may be a hazard because they are not clean, have debris in them, or are moldy and slippery. If you take a shower in a TravelCenters of America shower and fell because of unclean conditions in the shower stall and changing areas, you need to give our office a call immediately. We will be able to review your case and talk to you about the next steps to starting a lawsuit on the merits of your case.

People who fall while entering or exiting a shower, often fall down and hit the back of their heads on the floor. This can result in a serious personal injury to the back, neck, legs or arms, in the form of broken bones. If you have slipped and sustained a head injury in a TravelCenters of America shower stall, just give our law office a call right now.

Food Poisoning from the TravelCenters of America Diner Food

Everyone knows the feeling of getting food poisoning. It is perhaps the most uncomfortable feeling on the planet. Food poisoning is actually a foodborne illness that can have serious repercussions and even cause death in some individuals. The most common causes of contaminants in food poisoning episodes are:

  • Bacteria
  • Salmonella
  • Viruses
  • Norovirus
  • Hepatitis A
  • Listeria
  • E. coli

You may have experienced symptoms of food poisoning. These common symptoms might have been to feel:

  • Dizziness
  • Malaise
  • Extreme stomach pain
  • Dehydration
  • Lightheadedness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain and cramps
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Watery stool
  • Little or reduced urination
  • Severe weakness
  • Excessive thirst
  • Dry mouth

If you have had food poisoning at a TravelCenters of America restaurant or diner, you need to call us today. We are able to help you to initiate an action against the people who have made you sick with food poisoning. Just call us today to get this claim started right now.

Accident in the TravelCenters of America Parking Lot

If you have traveled to a TravelCenters of America parking area to park your car, you may have had an accident with other vehicles in the parking lot. These areas may not be as well maintained, and thus are ripe for having serious parking lot accidents. These accidents may come as a result of:

  • Poorly timed movement patterns of the other vehicles
  • Not enough measured parking for all cars and trucks in the area
  • Driver inattention
  • Improper backing up in small spaces
  • Entering the parking area too fast
  • Vehicles not yielding to pedestrians
  • Trailers too big for the spaces allotted to park

If this has happened to you, then give us a call right away. We are able to talk to you about initiating a lawsuit on the merits of your case. If these accidents at a TravelCenters of America have resulted in serious personal injuries, you need to give our law office a call right away.

Sexual Assault in the TravelCenters of America Parking Lot

Unfortunately, many people have been sexually assaulted in the parking lot of a TravelCenters of America. People who have been sexually assaulted can feel a myriad of emotions as a result of the sexual assault. They may feel:

  • Shock
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Hyper-alertness
  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Disruption of sleep
  • Nightmares
  • Reliving responses
  • Increased need for control
  • Tendency to minimize as coping skills
  • Isolation of self
  • Feelings of detachment
  • Emotional constriction
  • Feelings of betrayal
  • Sense of shame
  • Sense of embarrassment
  • Fear of being alone
  • PTSD

In the case that you have been sexually assaulted in a TravelCenters of America, you need to know that we are here for you and do not want you to walk this journey alone. You can give us a call right now, and we will respond to your case confidentially and with compassion. We know that this may be a confusing time for you, and you need time to heal from your personal injuries. Just pick up your phone this afternoon and give our law office a call. We are here to help you to get the recovery compensation that you need right now for your sexual assault claim against a TravelCenters of America.

Assault and Battery in the TravelCenters of America Parking Lot

You need a lawyer ready, willing and able to manage your assault and battery claim that you sustained personal injuries at the TravelCenters of America parking lot. We know what to do, and will initiate the lawsuit to go against the at-fault parties in this type of case. Just call us today if you have been assaulted and battered at a TravelCenters of America parking lot.

Zero Fee Guarantee

Just call us now for our zero-fee guarantee. We do not require any up-front money from you, and we offer our services to start as soon as you give us the first call. Just pick up the phone today, and you will get the reimbursement compensation for recovery of your personal injuries that you need right now.

Free Second Opinion

Remember, it is very easy to get confused right now, after having personal injuries from being at a TravelCenters of America. Just give us a call today, and we can work with you to manage and settle out all of your claims. We are here for you, and we can assure you that we are ready to discuss your case today, in a language that you can understand. You will work with an experienced attorney in Los Angeles who is ready to give to you a free second opinion on your case for personal injuries sustained at a TravelCenters of America.

Can I Sue for Personal Injuries Sustained at a TravelCenters of America?

Yes, we can inform you that we can sue TravelCenters of America for the personal injuries that you sustained while at the TravelCenters of America rest stop or restaurants. You just need to pick up your smartphone, and call our case attorneys in Los Angeles who want to help you right now. We are here for your peace of mind. We can sue the wrongdoers in this case, to ensure that the reimbursement you need will come back to you in this type of case against TravelCenters of America.

Call for a Free Consultation

When you call us, we will review with you your claim for personal injuries that you sustained while visiting at a TravelCenters of America. We can give to you a free consultation for your personal injury claim, but you must call us today to activate this free offer.

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How to Sue Belkin for Defective Charging Banks

If you intend to file a product liability lawsuit against Belkin, you must show that the company was negligent in some way. Product liability lawsuits can be filed if you can prove at least one of the following points about the product:

  • There was a design error present with the charging bank
  • There was a manufacturing error that occurred when the charging bank was being made in the factory
  • There were no hazard signs or symbols on the charging bank or on the packaging

The charging banks had a defect in the wiring, so it is likely that the materials were faulty or that there was a design that did not account for the small space or power usage.

You should make sure to go to the hospital to get medical treatment for your injuries. It is not recommended that you wait too long to visit a doctor. If you do not get treatment quickly, your injuries may worsen, or you may find that the insurance agent will doubt the validity of your claim. He can say that you were shocked by another item or in another incident, and he will say that the defective item was a convenient scapegoat. You should also make sure that you get copies of all medical documents, test results, doctor’s statements, hospital receipts, and more from the treatment center.

You can take photos of the damages from the electric shock, and you can also take pictures of the charging bank to show that the item caught fire, if applicable.

There may have been eyewitnesses who saw the incident happen or who can testify that the bank was defective. You can add their statements to your claim to bolster it. The more support you have from people who saw the incident, the stronger your case will be.

You may want to throw the charging bank away, try to repair it, or return it for a refund. You should do none of this. It is important that you keep the charging bank as it is and preserve it, as it is the most important piece of evidence you have. If you get rid of it, the insurance company can claim that there’s no way for the defect to be examined, since it is not present at all.

You may have a receipt showing that you bought the charging bank. You can make copies of this, or copies of a bank statement or email showing that you paid for the item.

You will benefit by hiring a product liability lawyer to handle your case for you. If you have never taken legal action, you may not know the first thing about moving forward with a defective product claim. An attorney can gather your proof, negotiate with the insurance agent, and keep you updated throughout the process while you recover and return to regular life.

Statute of Limitations to File a Product Liability Lawsuit

California has a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the injury if you wish to file a claim to receive compensation for damages. If you do not sue within this time period, you won’t be able to receive any restitution, and your claim will be thrown away. Often, individuals fail to understand the correct amount of time or do not know that there is a statute of limitations in the first place. It is important that you speak with a lawyer to determine how much time you have left on your case.

There is the possibility for your statute of limitations to be extended, but this will only happen in certain situations. If you were under 18 years old, you cannot sue without a legal guardian representing you, so you can wait until you turn legal age before the statute of limitations counts down. You also may have been left incapacitated and unable to sue, so the statute won’t start until you return to health. Further, the defendant must be in California – if he has left the state, the deadline will count down when he returns.

TravelCenters of America Injury Attorney lawyer incident accident lawsuit case food parking liability sue

Earnings from a Product Liability Claim against Belkin

The value of a product liability lawsuit will largely be determined by the injuries you suffered and how extensive they were. If you were seriously hurt, you will potentially receive a larger settlement offer than if you only suffered minor injuries. The insurance agent wants to preserve profits and not pay out settlements, and we aim to bring you the maximum settlement available under the law. Our goal is to secure you compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills and expenses from the past and future for surgery, hospitalization fees, medication, physical therapy, and more
  • Lost wages if you were unable to work or could not return to work in the future
  • Property damage to cover lost items and personal belongings
  • Pain and suffering damages to account for emotional trauma, anxiety, PTSD, fear, and more

You should not be expected to foot the bill for all of these expenses if you were not responsible for the incident in the first place. A defective product claim can allow you to receive the compensation you need to pay for these damages.

Our Firm’s Promise

Our goal at the Downtown LA Law Group is to ensure that you are wholly covered for your losses if you were hurt because of a defective product. Our product liability lawyers are known as the best in town, and we have years of experience and numerous reviews to back us up. We will stop at nothing to bring you every penny you deserve, even if it means going to court to defend your rights.

For a free legal consultation, call our law offices today. All consultations are confidential and your private information or case details will not be shared elsewhere. We will also give you our zero fee guarantee on your case. We won’t get paid unless and until we win. If we lose, we get nothing at all. Either way, your finances will not be altered by pursuing legal help with us.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Downtown LA Law Group if you wish to sue Belkin for injuries from a defective charging bank.

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