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Temecula Personal Injury Attorney

Thousand Oaks personal injury attorneysYou can take legal action if you were injured due to another party’s negligence. Our team of Thousand Oaks personal injury attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Group stresses this fact to all of our clients and potential clients. We can help you if you were hurt on the road, in a business, at a hotel, and in many more locations. You should not be forced to pay off expensive debts that came from injuries if you were not responsible for the accident or incident, or if you were a victim in some way. The responsible party should be held accountable, and we can make sure you are properly compensated.

What Is A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal injury lawsuits are claims filed against negligent parties for injuries suffered in incidents. You can sue if you were hurt in a variety of ways. We have provided common examples below:
  • Product liability when a faulty item malfunctions or has a defect that causes injuries
  • Premises liability when a sidewalk, staircase, floor, tree branch, wall, handrail, or other part of a property is defective or not properly cared for and you are injured
  • Dog bites involving unleashed, violent, or runaway dogs
  • Bed bug infestations in hotels, motels, apartments, sleeper cars, and other areas that can infest your home and cause you to spend money on refurnishing and on hospital bills if you were allergic to the creatures
  • Medical malpractice cases involving doctor or nurse negligence at hospitals or healthcare facilities, which may include diagnosis errors, medical instrument issues, medication and drug troubles, and botched surgeries or procedures
  • Assault and battery when an individual verbally abuses you or physically harms you with deliberate intention
  • Automobile accidents involving cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles
  • Pedestrian accidents and alternative vehicle accidents, like scooters, bicycles, and more
In order to file a personal injury lawsuit, you must show that you were a victim of negligence. There are four points of negligence, and they are as follows:
  • You were owed a duty of care by the responsible party
  • The duty of care was breached in some manner
  • The breach of duty led to an incident
  • The incident resulted in physical injuries
There are specific differences in some types of lawsuits; for example, medical malpractice cases require a doctor/patient relationship to be established, while you must be able to show that a property owner caused, knew, or should have known about defects on his property. For specific information on each type of claim and the requirements each has, you can contact our law firm to speak with qualified Thousand Oaks personal injury lawyers. We will give you the information you need to move forward with your claim.

What Should I Do If I Were Injured In An Accident?

Thousand Oaks personal injury attorneys- What Is A Personal Injury Lawsuit?You may suffer any number of injuries from the incidents listed above. You could be bitten by bugs, suffer allergic reactions, receive blunt force trauma to the body, have crushing injuries and permanent damage, get nerve damage, become paralyzed, and much more. If you were hurt, it is important that you get medical attention as quickly as possible so you can be sure that you are not seriously injured, or so you can go to the emergency room at once. The steps you should take are as follows:
  • Call paramedics or the emergency room for ample and fast treatment, even if you feel you weren’t injured, as this will give the insurance agent proof that you were hurt in the accident
  • Take pictures and videos of the accident scene, the damage to your body, the damage to any personal belongings, and more
  • It will also come in handy if you have a video to go with every photo
  • Find eyewitnesses, bystanders, and individuals who were similarly affected and ask for statements and testimonies to back up your claim
  • Acquire surveillance and security camera footage if the incident happened at a place of business
  • Hold onto receipts, proof of purchases, purchase confirmations, emails, and other documents that could benefit your claim
  • File an incident report if possible with the company
  • If applicable, keep the defective product in your possession; do not return it, as you will lose your most important piece of evidence
  • Write down the insurance information or contact details of the responsible party so your claim will be sent to the correct place
Finally, you should be sure to get help from a skilled personal injury attorney in Thousand Oaks. You very likely won’t have the extensive legal experience required to win your claim, and if you try to negotiate a fair deal by yourself, the insurance agent will probably toss your case aside or not work with you. Our lawyers will gladly represent you and ensure that you are protected and safe no matter what, and that the insurance agent is making a worthwhile offer.

What Can I Win In A Lawsuit?

You can earn a fair amount of compensation for your personal injury claim with the help of our personal injury lawyers in Thousand Oaks. We will see to it that you are covered from top to bottom for your expenses and that you do not owe anyone for your damages or losses. The responsible individual should take care of your bills, and we will fight to make sure every penny is paid off. You have the ability to receive different types of compensation depending on your circumstances. For example, if you were involved in a bed bug infestation, you could have the extermination cost and temporary hotel stay covered, or you could have parts of your vacation reimbursed if you were traveling. For the most part, though, victims can win the following:
  • Medical expenses from any treatments you received, as well as future procedures if you needed additional help, rehabilitation, medication, and more
  • Property damage for any personal items or belongings that were broken, needed to be repaired, or had to be replaced
  • Income that you lost, commissions you missed out on, and bonuses you were prevented from getting because of the injuries or inability to go to work, as well as future missed income and disability pay
  • Pain and suffering for the various emotional trauma you suffered, which can include PTSD, anxiety, fear, psychological anguish, mental stress, and much more
Unfortunately, some incidents can result in the untimely death of a family member or loved one. If this happens, you can take out a wrongful death claim against the party and pursue funeral and burial fees, loss of consortium and relations, loss of expected savings and inheritance, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, and more. In the event that the defendant acted with gross negligence or deliberately attempted to harm you, you could pursue punitive damages for your claim. These are additional payments that are meant to punish the defendant and to replace jail time, since civil cases can only result in monetary compensation. However, these damages are difficult to acquire, as many judges and juries believe them to be excessively severe or harsh. To be sure that you receive the maximum settlement under the law, speak with a Thousand Oaks personal injury lawyer today. We will work around the clock to secure you everything you need.

What Is The Value Of My Personal Injury Claim?

Your personal injury claim’s value is determined by the insurance agent handling the case. He will primarily considering your injuries, how extensive they were, how much of an impact they had on your daily life, if they prevented you from returning to work or continuing your career, if they forced you to remodel or restructure your home, and how long lasting they are. Less importantly, the agent will look at your age and type of career. He will, however, try and establish your level of negligence or responsibility in the incident. If you were partially responsible, you could receive a much lower settlement offer from the agent, as some of the damages could have been mitigated had you been more careful. You may not have the ability to negotiate a fair deal from the insurance agent. You might be too injured to effectively present your case or you may not be knowledgeable about the specific laws pertaining to your situation. Our expert personal injury lawyers in Thousand Oaks can ensure that your case is correctly valued and that the insurance agent does not make a poor or underhanded offer.

How Long Do I Have To Sue For Damages?

In California, you generally have 2 years from the date of the injury to take legal action against the responsible party in a personal injury lawsuit. This deadline is fairly consistent across most types of claims, but there are some circumstances that can alter the time limit. Examples include:
  • Underage individuals do not have to adhere to the 2 year limit until they turn 18 years old
  • Mentally or physically incapacitated individuals do not have to follow the deadline until they heal up and return to functional health or mental status
  • Defendants who have left the state, causing the time limit to be suspended until they return
  • Medical malpractice cases, which must be filed 1 year after the discovery of the injury or 3 years after the injury itself
  • Cases involving foreign objects left in bodies, which have no statute of limitations
  • Claims against municipalities or government entities, which must be filed no later than 6 months after the injury
Thus, it is can be very confusing to know how much time you have left to sue. If you need assistance figuring out your deadline, call our firm. We’ll gladly compute the time left and will even file your claim for you. Our personal injury lawyers in Thousand Oaks are well-equipped to handle your claim.

Why Choose Us For Your Lawsuit

Our expert Thousand Oaks personal injury lawyers at the Downtown LA Law Group can take your claim and win you total coverage for your damages. We will aggressively hunt for your worthwhile restitution and will not give up until we are satisfied with the result. You should be represented by a law frm that cares about you as more than a client and treats you like family, and that’s us. Contact our offices to set up a free legal consultation with a skilled personal injury lawyer. You can ask us questions about your claim and the legal process and we will tell you what we feel your claim is worth and how we would go about winning your case. If you wish to hire us, we’ll give you our zero fee guarantee. This is a promise that you won’t have to spend any out of pocket expenses on your case. We won’t get paid unless and until we win, and the insurance agency will cover the fees. In the event we do not win, you will not have to owe us a single dime. Let the Downtown LA Law Group litigate your case for you and we promise to work around the clock to secure you ample compensation for your personal injury lawsuit.

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