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Helicopters are a sure way to get quickly from Point A to Point B in an urban environment. But there are many instances of helipad landing accidents that can occur because of pilot error and negligence. If you have been injured by experiencing personal injuries as the result of a helipad landing accident, you need to give us a call right now.

You can call our law office, to talk to our legal team. You will be connected with a lawyer who knows and understands the scope of the impact of this case, and knows how to negotiate full recovery compensation settlement packages with the big insurance companies. We understand that you are needing to recover from your personal injuries, and we want you to have that time to recover fully from your losses and injuries too. But while you are recovering, it is the perfect time to start a lawsuit. In fact, your lawsuit can be filed today, but nothing will happen for you until you give our law office a call right now. Just pick up your smartphone, and give us a call today.

Accidents Can Happen Anytime on a Helipad When Landing or Taking Off

A serious accident can occur at any time on a helipad when taking off or landing a helicopter. These accidents are especially dangerous, if a helicopter needs fuel. In general, it usually better to fuel the helicopter after it is turned off and cooled down. This action allows the helicopter to accept the fuel safely.

Some helicopter pilots are under extreme pressure to get to the next Point B. For this reason and in some extreme cases, the pilot can allow “hot refueling” for when the blades are turning on the helicopter while it is getting fueled. This procedure can occur when the pilot is in a hurry to leave a helipad. When hot refueling, the pilot needs to stay at the flight controls, and the person refueling needs to understand the proper procedures for that helicopter make and model needs.

The reason that the pilot needs to stay at the flight controls during hot refueling, is in order to be ready to immediately turn off all engines if there is a safety issue that arises during the refueling process. Accidents can readily happen during this process if the pilot misjudges the equipment, or is in any way inexperienced in refueling the helicopter.

Rotor Wake Is Deadly on a Rooftop Helipad

A rotor wake is the phenomenon of a helicopter landing on a rooftop helipad, and the wind created by the rotor blades of the helicopter interact with the atmospheric pressure of the nearby buildings. Helipads can be on rooftops or actually elevated from the rooftop itself. A helipad placed directly on a building will cause turbulence when wind comes around to the top of the building. If the helipad is place slightly above the building, there will be an air gap to help prevent the wind from the atmospheric conditions around surrounding buildings to affect the lift off or landing of the helicopter.

If an elevated helipad is needed and constructed, then it will be important to review any danger zones and interaction areas that could affect the helipad. For example, the wind influence can affect the helicopter taking off or landing on an elevated helipad. Such as the case of a partial or full vortex ring (how air flows upwards and downwards around the rotor blade tips and roots to help it vertically land).

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Passengers Can Be Injured When the Helicopter Lands on the Helipad

When the helicopter lands, and the flight is over, the pilot needs to park the helicopter safely on the helipad. The helipad needs to be properly maintained by the owner of the helipad. When the passengers need to disembark from the helicopter, it is actually a dangerous time. The rotor downwash can have stirred up debris, such as rocks or other sand and grass that the passengers can slip, trip and fall over when they alight from the helicopter. The rotors may still be moving, which is a hazard to the passengers.

In general, if the helicopter can land with the wind over the right on the tail boom for counterrotating blade action, it will lift the blades over the tail boom, but lower the blades in front of the helicopter unit. Just by performing this action, it will reduce the incidence of a main rotor strike to the tail boom if there are unexpected wind gusts!

Helicopter Passengers Are Often Injured in Helipad Landing Accidents

Passengers to helicopters are not used to getting in and out of a helicopter. It is up to the pilot to keep everyone safe before, during and after the helicopter lands on the helipad. Suffice it to say, passengers should stay inside the helicopter until the rotors have stopped turning completely. Yes, a passenger can be in a hurry, but to be safe, this is the protocol that ensures the safety of the passenger time and time again. The pilot needs to perform a post flight check, and the passengers sitting tight for that few minutes will ensure the safety of everyone involved in the flight.

If you are injured in a helipad landing accident, then you need to call us immediately. You may have not been told what to do, and the helicopter pilot may be negligent in this type of case directing you as to how to get in and out of the helicopter safely.

Quick Turnarounds Can Be Hazardous for Pilots and for Passengers in a Helicopter

Quick turnarounds save time for the helicopter pilot, but these maneuvers can be a recipe for disaster for the passengers on these types of flights. It is true that helicopter pilots who carry passengers to and from helipads to airports are interested in quick turnaround times while on the ground. For example, if the helicopter is acting like an air taxi, then of course it follows that the sooner the passengers disembark and new passengers enter the helicopter, the sooner the helicopter pilot can make some more money.

A hasty turnaround on a helipad can cause a helipad landing accident in a heartbeat. It does not take much to make a fatal mistake while rushing in these types of situations. Hastily rushing passengers as they leave a helicopter can create a highly dangerous situation. One that can hurt, maim or even kill a passenger in the process.

If you have been injured by a helipad landing accident, then you definitely need to call our law office for an experienced attorney in Los Angeles who knows how to make this right. We are here to get you the recovery compensation that you need in a helipad landing accident with serious personal injuries.

Can I Sue for a Helipad Landing Accident?

Yes, we can sue the at-fault parties for a helipad landing accident where you were injured. Just call us today to talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers. Our legal team can file a lawsuit on your behalf, and will help you to get the recovery compensation that you need in this type of claim. You can be sure that our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue the wrongdoers in this type of case.

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Our zero-fee guarantee has no impact to your personal checkbook. That is because we don’t require any upfront payments from you for us to start helping you and giving you the assistance that you need in this type of case. If you have had a helipad landing accident cause you to suffer personal injuries, you need the best in the business. We want you to give us a call just for that reason. Now, that’s a fair deal, isn’t it?

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We can give you our free second opinion on this case. It is going to be better if you are completely proactive in the case, and are ready to start a lawsuit. How else do you want to get back the money that you deserve for a helipad landing accident? You can call us and we will go over the finer details of the case with you, just call now.

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