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Air Compressor Injury Attorney

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Most consumers have used an air compressor at one time or another. It might have been a unit at a gas station when you put air in a tire, or you could have used one at home to inflate a few toys for the swimming pool. Because these devices are relatively commonplace in daily life, it can be easy to forget that even a small air compressor can be dangerous. The power entering the air compressor is used to pressurize the air it dispenses. That means there is always the potential for an electrical shock, the motor to overheat, a fire, or even an explosion if the pressurized air ruptures the holding tank.

If an air compressor has injured you, it is essential that you understand your rights and how to move forward to secure any compensation that is owed to you. The DTLA Law Group offers injury victims a free consultation with a multilingual air compressor injury attorney to determine if you have reason to move forward with a lawsuit. In addition, if you suffered an air compressor injury while at work, our team of worker’s comp attorneys is here to ensure that you receive all the benefits you are entitled to, including coverage for your medical bills and compensation for your lost wages. Please get in touch with our office at your earliest convenience to learn more about how the DTLA Law Group is here to protect your rights so that you can focus on your recovery.

air compressor injury attorney lawyer sue lawsuit compensation incident accident
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Common Air Compressor Failures

While a device that simply moves air might sound very basic, modern air compressors have a variety of moving parts, components, and pieces of technology that all need to work in unison to ensure the functionality of the unit and the safety of anyone using it. When an air compressor is not well maintained and regularly inspected and serviced, several components can fail, each resulting in its own safety hazard for humans and the area near the air compressor. Some of these catastrophic failures include:

  • An electrical failure – in its most minor form, an electrical issue could result in a significant electrical shock to anyone in contact with the cord or the air compressor. At its worst, an electrical problem could result in electrocution.
  • Overheating – as a device that uses an electric motor, there is always the potential for overheating. The issue most commonly associated with overheating is a severe burn when touching the air compressor. However, other complications can arise from excessive heat, such as melted seals and damage to a hose that results in a potentially hazardous jet of high-pressure air. Depending on the surroundings, that air jet could create airborne dust and debris that causes respiratory issues or damage to the eyes, face, or other body parts.
  • Fire – a fire could result from severe overheating or an electrical spark that ignites surrounding debris, the plastic housing of the motor, or other flammable items in close proximity to the air compressor, while increasing the potential for an explosion.
  • Explosion – in good condition, the metal holding tank for the compressed air should withstand excessive pressure. However, if the tank is compromised by rust or damage, the integrity could be severely degraded, resulting in an explosion. In addition, the failure of other integral parts like the pressure regulator or discharge value could result in excessive pressure in the holding tank and a rupture. The blast of air and any shrapnel created by the damaged tank will cause severe injuries to anyone near the unit.
  • Tool Failure – if you happen to be using a pneumatic tool attached to the air compressor when it fails, the potential for injuries is compounded. Nail guns and other devices connected to the air compressor could become jammed or discharge nails or other projectiles unexpectedly, causing severe injuries.
Potential Injuries From An Air Compressor Failure

As useful as an air compressor can be for projects around the house, in the garage, or in the workshop, it is important to respect its potential to cause serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries caused by an air compressor failure include:

  • Traumatic eye injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Puncture wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue damage, including muscle, tendons, and ligaments
  • Severed fingers or limbs
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding

It is also far less common, but essential to understand that vital organs can rupture if compressed air enters the body. In addition, if that compressed air enters the bloodstream, the result can be a stroke or heart attack.

Who Is To Blame For An Air Compressor Injury

As we mentioned, an air compressor injury that happened while on the job is often addressed through worker’s comp. However, there can also be some third-party lawsuits in the event that negligence caused or contributed to your injuries. Negligence can also be a factor when the air compressor is owned by you or rented from a commercial facility or tool rental company. Some examples of negligence that might apply to an air compressor injury case include:

  • The manufacturer could be held responsible if the air compressor was found to be defective. In addition, a distribution chain or rental company could also be liable if they sell or rent a faulty device.
  • A rental company could also be held responsible if they rented an air compressor that had not been appropriately serviced and maintained or was damaged, resulting in your injuries.
  • If you were injured when using an air compressor at a business such as a gas station, that company could also be liable if the unit was not in good working order.

As you can see, there are many complexities when determining liability for an air compressor injury. Unless you have secured representation from a DTLA Law Group air compressor injury attorney, it can be challenging to understand the potential for a lawsuit and know how to move forward. Our staff has decades of combined experience filing these complex liability lawsuits and securing very favorable settlements for our clients.

The Potential Value Of An Air Compressor Injury Settlement

At DTLA Law, our staff believes in complete transparency with each of our clients and potential clients. And because of that pledge, we will never quote a dollar amount before investigating the severity of your injuries and the circumstances of the injury. There is a great deal of information needed to begin the process of estimating the potential value of any settlement, which includes:

  • The cost of all medical care related to the air compressor injury, including hospital and doctor bills, prescriptions, follow-up visits, therapy, rehabilitation, and any items needed for your treatment and recovery
  • In the event of very severe injuries, there is also an evaluation of potential future medical bills such as reconstructive surgery or skin grafts.
  • It is also essential to include all your lost wages in the settlement amount to ensure you have the money you need to pay your daily living expenses.
  • Should your injuries be found to impact your ability to work or earn a living in the future, consideration is given to that future loss as well.
  • Finally, there is an evaluation of the pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, that you have endured as a result of your air compressor injury.

All of these factors are carefully evaluated and included as you and your DTLA Law Group air compressor injury attorney determine a suitable settlement amount to present to the plaintiffs.

air compressor injury attorney lawyer lawsuit compensation incident accident sue
Understanding The Statute Of Limitations

In the State of California, the victim of an air compressor injury has two years from the date of the event to take legal action against anyone they believe to be liable in the incident. If you do not file a claim within the two-year window, you lose all legal rights unless your air compressor injury attorney has filed a tolling to extend the filing deadline.

Even though two years sounds like a long time, it is vital that you contact the team at DTLA Law as soon as you are able to discuss your injuries and other details of the case. Our staff will immediately begin to compile documentation and evidence to support your claim, provide proof of negligence, and secure the full settlement that you deserve.

Nothing Is Better Than A Free Second Opinion

As a service to the members of the community, DTLA Law Group is pleased to offer any air compressor injury victim a free second opinion review of your case. Our skilled team includes many multilingual experts to review a worker’s comp claim or third-party negligence lawsuit. And because we work for you with no upfront fees, you never need to worry about mounting bills before your settlement arrives. Contact our office 24/7 to learn more about our team and how a DTLA Law Group air compressor injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. We are here to provide peace of mind today and financial security for you and your loved ones in the future.

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