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Wheels: The Newest Vehicle for the Last Mile

Wheels was founded by the creators of Wag, a dog walking app that lets people hire others to walk their dogs for them. Wheels also features executives from Uber, Bird, Lyft, and other companies that have been at the forefront of transportation transformation. The new company is no exception. Wheels has rolled out mini-bikes that are not exactly the same as other bikes, like Jump and Spin. They allow riders to sit on padded seats during their trips instead of standing as on conventional scooters. The bikes have pegs instead of pedals and riders are 27 inches above the ground. The wheels are much larger and allow easier navigation; smaller wheels tend to cause more accidents. The bikes have built-in speakers with Bluetooth capabilities so riders can listen to music. Wheels: The Newest Vehicle for the Last MilePart of the allure is that the bikes are made of parts that can be easily swapped out. A flat tired or broken handlebar can be replaced within the day by a technician. Employees maintain the bikes in-house and will swap out batteries when the charges get too low. Transporters, part of the newly-dubbed gig economy that also features Bird catches and Uber drivers, can transport the bikes to localized hubs without having to charge them at their own personal homes.

Electric bike-sharing startup Wheels

As with all new trends, though, there are negative aspects that accompany the positive traits. The opportunity for theft is high with the ease of parts-removal; thieves may resell the parts for profit and replace them with broken parts before technicians fix or even discover the issues. They may also be sabotaged before anyone notices. You should always be very wary when riding electric bikes.
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Rules, Regulations, and Classifications of E-Bikes

Rules, Regulations, and Classifications of E-BikesThere are various rules and regulations that must be adhered to when it comes to E-bikes and regular bicycles. The most common, for example, is the sidewalk rule; sidewalks are meant for pedestrians and should be used sparingly, if ever, by bicyclists. E-bikes are no exception. As the number of bicycles has grown, though, so has the type of bike. There are many different types of E-bikes, some of which are totally motorized, others of which are pedal-assisted. A new law has separated motorized bikes into 5 categories that prohibit them in various ways.

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The different areas that bicycles can ride are separated into bike paths (paths that are usually present near scenic or natural locations and provide recreational trips but can also be used for commuting, which grant exclusive right of way to bikes and pedestrians), bike routes (preferred routes for bikes on streets but may not have any specific marks), bike lanes (listed areas on streets that are usually delineated with paint and signs), and protected lanes (physically separated lanes that may have barriers protecting the cyclists from traffic). Let’s examine each of the classes of bikes according to the law.


Basic two-wheel bicycle that is powered purely by pedaling. It has no minimum age to operate, does not require a driver’s license or license plate, and helmets must be worn by anyone under the age of 17 years old. It can be ridden on bike paths, bike routes, bike lanes, and protected lanes.

Type-1 E-Bike

Pedal-assisted electric bicycle with a motor that provides assistance when the rider is pedaling and does not provide any additional assistance beyond 20 mph. These bikes have no minimum age to operate, nor do they require a license or a license plate. They do require helmets under the age of 17 and can be ridden on all paths.

Type-2 E-Bike

Throttle-assisted electric bicycle that does not require pedaling and cannot exceed 20 mph. It is identical in restrictions to the Type-1 E-bike.
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Type-3 E-Bike

Speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling but does not provide assistance beyond 28 mph. Helmets are mandatory at all ages, but you must be 16 to operate the bike. These bikes cannot travel on bike paths, but can be ridden on routes, lanes, and protected lanes.


Gas-powered scooter/bike hybrid that requires no pedaling assistance at all. It requires a helmet at all times and for you to be a minimum age of 16 years old. It also requires a driver’s license and a license plate. It cannot be ridden on bike paths and it cannot be taken into protected lanes. It is allowed to be ridden on bike routes and lanes, though.

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Issues with Wheels E-Bikes and Causes of Accidents It is very important that you understand the different limits that are placed on E-bikes. Wheels primarily creates Type-2 bikes, so you should familiarize yourself with what is legal and where it is acceptable for you to ride. Failure to do so could result in accidents, and if you were negligent, you may not be able to recover any compensation for your injuries.
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Issues with Wheels E-Bikes and Causes of Accidents

Wheels’ electric bikes are slightly different from other types of motorized bikes, which leads to some unique conditions. However, there are equally as many risks present with them as there are with other vehicles. Some issues that can lead to accidents or injuries can be found below. Lack of Helmet: For some types of e-bikes, it is not required for riders to have helmets past a certain age. This is very dangerous, as helmets have saved thousands of lives in numerous accidents. Without a helmet, a rider is susceptible to head injuries and death. Not requiring a helmet by law is a large issue. No License Required: As with helmets, there are some e-bikes that don’t require driver’s licenses or motorcycle licenses. This is fitting, given that many of the bikes are not similar to motorcycles or automobiles; however, individuals who have no riding experience may be less skilled and may be more prone to accidents. Reckless Riding: Some riders will try to weave through traffic at high speeds, speed, tailgate, and more. This is quite dangerous on bikes that can fall over and launch you from the seat. Injuries from an E-Bike CrashReckless Riding: Some riders will try to weave through traffic at high speeds, speed, tailgate, and more. This is quite dangerous on bikes that can fall over and launch you from the seat.
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Road Conditions: Road conditions should be positive, as any small issue could be enough to cause a rider to lose control. There may be excessive rocks in the road or there may be a lot of potholes that the E-bike falls into. There could also be poor weather, like snow, fog, and rain, that makes it hard to control the bike. Riders may have reduced visibility and the road surfaces may be too slick to safely ride on. Drunk Riding: One of the most problematic issues with those operating any vehicle, even an electric bike, is alcohol. Inebriated riders have decreased coordination and are more likely to pass out while traveling. They do not have great motor skills and are less capable of making informed decisions. Blind Spots: Those on E-bikes are harder to see than those in vehicles. Thus, it is much more difficult to spot them when they are in blind spots of cars, which can lead to accidents. Drivers should always double check these spots, and bike riders should take care not to ride in those locations relative to cars. Intersection Accidents: Bike riders are supposed to walk their bikes across intersections if they plan to cross, but not everyone does this. This can lead to cars coming around corners and hitting them due to the speed of both and the difficulty in seeing smaller bikes. Filing a Wheels E-Bike Accident Lawsuit Design Failure: Wheels’ electric bikes have swappable parts and batteries that are meant to allow for easy repair and upgrades. The problem is that with the ease of replacement comes ease of destruction and defect. A motor or battery may stop working inexplicably in the middle of a trip, the pegs may fall off or become loose, the handlebars could break, and the brakes may stop working, amongst other issues.
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Danger to Other Pedestrians: Some bike lanes are present in more pedestrian-friendly areas, such as by the beach. The bikes can be unlocked and ridden around, but not many riders know how to yield to pedestrians. They may zoom around open spots and potentially strike people; in the worst cases, the riders could hit young children who are hard to see. Distracted Riding: Given that Wheels has Bluetooth speakers installed in all of its E-bikes, it is fair to say that there is an increased risk of distracted riding. Users can plug in their headphones to listen to their music or simply let it play from the speakers. This can cause riders to fiddle with their phones while operating the bikes, leading to them not paying attention. Because of the influx of electric bikes and scooters into the transportation market, a lot of troubles, flaws, and causes of accidents have gone under the radar. It is important that you educate yourself on the risks involved with taking these vehicles; you can save yourself a lot of harm and injuries if you follow rules and regulations. If you are involved in an accident, you can contact a lawyer in Los Angeles for assistance in dealing with Wheels E-bike accidents.

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Injuries from an E-Bike Crash

Value of a Wheels E-Bike AccidentAny type of crash involving a vehicle can be dangerous, whether that vehicle is a large truck, mid-size sedan, electric bicycle, or skateboard. There is always motion involved and some degree of speed, and most of the accidents involve another vehicle or person. The level of reckless driving or operating can directly influence the damage to a person. There are all sorts of injuries that can happen from electric bike accidents, some of which can be recovered from in a few days, and others that might be long-lasting or permanent. Some of the damages include:
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Broken bones
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Torn muscles
  • Torn ligaments
  • Nerve damage
  • Concussions
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated and slipped discs
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Neck injuries
  • Facial damage
  • Scarring
  • Burns
  • Road rash
  • Bruises and abrasions
  • Lacerations and puncture wounds
  • Crushing injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Degloving
  • Internal bleeding
  • Closed head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Severed limbs and digits
  • Hip trouble
  • ACL, LCL, MCL, and other knee injuries
  • Paralysis, whether paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Coma
  • Death
These injuries can greatly affect your life. You may have to learn how to maneuver in a wheelchair for the rest of your life or you may have a greatly decreased range of motion on one side. You should not let your injuries control you or influence whether or not you take legal action. Your goal should be to pursue ample restitution for the suffering you endure and for the reimbursement of the costs associated with treatments.
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Filing a Wheels E-Bike Accident Lawsuit

An accident involving an electronic bike can result in a lawsuit filed against the responsible party. This will be a personal injury lawsuit, which is filed based on the negligence of someone else. In order to file such a claim, you must be able to prove that the defendant was negligent. This requires you to show four points: that the defendant owed you a duty off care, that the duty of care was breached, the breach led to an accident of some kind, and the accident caused physical injuries. All of the points must be true to prove negligence. If even one is false, you won’t be able to file a personal injury claim. For instance, if there were no physical injuries, you would not have the ability to collect medical expenses in such a lawsuit. You would, however, be able to pursue lost wages. In these cases, you may not need a personal injury attorney. If you are not seeking damages outside of lost wages and property damage, you could potentially handle your claim by yourself without the assistance of an attorney representing you. To have a successful lawsuit, you should acquire as much evidence as you can of the incident and assemble it together to be sent to the insurance agent. This evidence will be the main ingredients of your case, and you can acquire a lot of it at the scene of the accident itself. The longer you wait to gather evidence from sources, the more difficult is for that evidence to have the same level of integrity or preservation. Here is what you can do after an e-bike accident to have the best evidence for your claim: Firstly, you should go to the hospital, call the paramedics, visit the doctor, or do anything to get medical treatment. If you don’t get medical treatment in a timely manner, the insurance agency can hold it against you and claim that you were not that severely injured. Further, not going to the doctor after such an incident can potentially impact your health. There may be damages that you do not notice or injuries that could manifest later and worsen. A healthcare professional can make sure that you get treated for any potential injuries. It is important that you keep all records and documents from the hospital or from the treatment. This may include notes, receipts, X-rays, and more.

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Next, you should take plenty of photos of your injuries to showcase the extent of your harm. You should also have pictures of the damage done to the bike and any other vehicle involved in the incident, or the scene of the accident to showcase environmental damage and potential hazards. The bike may be taken away by the company, which is why it is so very important to take pictures of it.
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There may be surveillance footage, security cameras, and dashboard recorders that caught the incident on tape. If there were, you could request copies of the videos to help with your case. At the scene of the accident, there could be various eyewitnesses and bystanders who saw the whole ordeal. You may take down statements and testimonies to add to your claim so that there is more than one perspective providing support. In most crashes on the road, whether they involve two motor vehicles or a bicycle and a motor vehicle, the police may show up. They will conduct an investigation, potentially bring someone up on direct traffic, and will submit the report to the station. You can take a snapshot of any receipt or app information you have with respect to the E-bike. This will help show that you were a legal rider. If you were hit by another individual, you must gather his personal information and insurance details. Be sure to get his name, number, insurance provider, license plate number, and more.
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Once all of your evidence has been collected and properly organized, an attorney can help you move forward. He can write the demand letter, ensure that the package is sent to the right insurance company, and ensure that the insurance agent does not neglect your claim. It can take two or three weeks for an insurance agent to receive and sift through your file; many agents will extend the time to make an offer, which is a negotiation tactic. An attorney can stay on top of your case and keep the insurance agent working to offer a fair settlement amount.

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Value of a Wheels E-Bike Accident

The value of a Wheels E-bike lawsuit cannot be determined by simply looking at your injuries and expecting compensation. Instead, there is a number of factors that will go in to weighing the worth of your claim. These factors are considered by an insurance agent and are generally negotiated by an attorney. If you have filed a claim and you do not agree with the settlement offer, you may very likely need legal help to secure you the compensation you need. The most important factor that goes into your case is in regard to your injuries; namely, the extent and severity of the damage, as well as the impact your injuries had on your daily life and career. If you were extremely hurt and needed and extended hospital stay and multiple treatments over the course of numerous months, your claim would likely be worth more than if you were treated and released same-day with a quick turnaround and recovery time. You also may have a larger settlement offer if you were kept from work, needed to change careers, had to undergo structural changes in your home, had a diminished quality of life, and more. Damages with less drastic consequences and results are not usually awarded as much. For example, there have been incidents wherein individuals have suffered herniated discs, back damage, paralysis, and other injuries; these people have won over $1,000,000 for their damages. However, there are others who have suffered the same types of injuries and have received less than $10,000 – while others have gotten paid nothing at all and had their cases thrown out. There are other circumstances at play in lawsuits.
Average Value of Bird Scooter Injury Claims
In addition, the insurance agent will look at the type of job you have, how old you are, and how much of the accident can be attributed to your negligent action. If you were partially responsible and were riding the bike recklessly in the wrong lane or you didn’t pay attention to the proper right of way, you could have a large portion of your settlement revoked or removed. Those who were defenseless or had no implications in the incident are often given the highest values for their claims. It is important to understand that the value of a claim can only be determined by an insurance agent and only after there has been consideration. You cannot simply assume your case will result in a million-dollar settlement offer. There is no calculator available for damages, and even an attorney will have to negotiate to get the deal that is ideal for the client.

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Compensation from an E-Bike Crash Lawsuit

As a victim of an electric bike crash, you can receive financial compensation for your injuries and other expenses, provided you can show that the opposing party acted negligently. The different kinds of compensation can vary according to your expenses, but for the most part, victims stand to gain coverage in a few areas. The most commonly sought-after include:
  • Past and future medical bills for surgery, ambulatory transportation, anesthesiologist and other specialists, prescription medication and drugs, hospitalization, physical therapy or rehabilitation, and more
  • Property damage to compensate you for your broken belongings, lost items, electronics, and more
  • Lost income from the time you missed at work due to your injuries, as well as future missed wages because of treatment or recovery time
  • Pain and suffering to cover emotional trauma, psychological scarring, anxiety, PTSD, and more
In some instances you can receive wrongful death damages to cover the losses associated with the death of a loved one or family member. These damages can consist of funeral and burial fees, loss of consortium, loss of expected savings and inheritance, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, and more. There is also the opportunity for you to be awarded punitive damages. These are additional forms of monetary compensation handed out in moments of gross negligence or an intention to cause harm. They are generally viewed as too harsh and are only doled out in rare circumstances. To receive the maximum settlement available under the law, you should contact an expert electric bike accident attorney who can litigate your claim for you and ensure that you’re not faced with any issues or refusals by the insurance company. He can negotiate a much better amount for you than you can likely win on your own.

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Statute of Limitations on Electric Bike Lawsuits

Filing a lawsuit related to an accident involving an electric bike must be completed within 2 years of the date of the injury. This statute of limitations applies to all electric bike claims, which are personal injury lawsuits, in California. The statute of limitations is in place to ensure that claims are completed in a timely manner. If an individual were permitted to sue for an unlimited amount of years after the incident, it could severely skew the case in either direction and be a large waste of time, and would likely not result in fair justice. The 2-year limit allows both parties to gather evidence that won’t be corrupted so quickly and to sort out their stories. Further, witnesses won’t forget key details as easily. There are some situations in which the statute of limitations can be temporarily extended beyond the 2-year mark. This is most common in incidents that involve minors; because minors cannot sue, their statutes would not begin until they turn 18 years old, thus elongating the time of the claim to be relative to their age at the time of the accident. Further, there is a certain state or presence of mind and body that is required to file a lawsuit. If an individual is incapacitated mentally or physically and cannot reliably take action, the statute of limitations would be extended until he returns to his functioning health.

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Additionally, the defendant must be present in the state in order to be issued a lawsuit. If the defendant leaves on vacation or flees the state, the statute would not be in effect during his absence. It would start up again once he returns. These different dates and requirements can be confusing to anyone who has not kept careful track of the events as they unfolded. Many times, victims of accidents are not able to secure their rightful compensation because they miss important deadlines and fail to file claims within the appropriate window. It is important that you do not let that happen with your case. You can best benefit from an attorney who can correctly file everything on time and ensure that you do not miss the statute of limitations.

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