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Multiple DUI Offenses

Multiple DUI Offenses – Best Ways to End Up In Jail!

Below is the explanation for multiple DUI offenses in Los Angeles and their punishments. Further in this article, astute readers will find details about “best” fail safe ways to end up in jail; careless mistake that can easily be avoided. However, people normally either don’t pay a lot of attention to the post DUI incidents, or they simply don’t mind spending a few days in jail.

First Time DUI Charges

First time DUI charges are a part of the multiple DUI offenses chain. They are the beginning of your first legal encounter with DUI officials in Los Angeles. Take a look at some of the most commonly imposed punishments:
  • Summary probation or informal probation for 5 years max
  • License suspension for Up To 4 Years
  • First time offenders are offered a temporary 30 day window to schedule a meeting at the DMV office.
  • If chemical tests are refused, the driver usually goes straight to jail
  • Minimum of $1,000 fine. Additional expenses include:
  • Assessment fee of $1,300
  • According to California laws since 1960, the penalty assessment fee is 171% of the original fine.
  • According to latest revisions, this percentage is subject to an increase.

Second Time DUI Offense Punishments

In addition to the above punishments, a second time offender may be sentenced to further punishments:
  • Submission of $100 fine that goes to California State Restitution Fund.
  • Proof of AA program completion, or enrollment at the Level 1 AB – 541 program.
  • Additional Fee of $50 to Alcohol Abuse Prevention Community.
  • $20 Court Fee
  • Minimum of 10 days in prison
  • 18 months license suspension
  • Car impounded for 30 days

Third, Fourth and Fifth Time DUI Punishments

  • Client is subject to 30 month registration at the AA programs.
  • Revocation of license by the DMV for 4 years or more.
Sometimes, even after the revocation period of the license has expired, multiple DUI offenses are not treated in a light manner. The judge may order you to register for another alcohol abuse program for several months until all restrictions on the offender are levied.
  • DUI prosecuted as felony
  • 16 months of incarceration

What NOT to Do When Chances of DUI Arrests Are Imminent?

The absence of hiring a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney, in case of multiple DUI offenses leads to a lot of problems. Some of the common mistakes that people forget to avoid are: a. Upon hiring an INCOMPETENT DUI attorney, the entire case can be ruined. This is one of those things that a small time DUI offender does to himself. Also at the same time, failure to hire an expert will definitely be one of the biggest reasons for a person ending up in jail. b. Going to jail means getting branded as a criminal. More so, a person in these situations is extremely vulnerable to a lot of nonsensical ideas. For instance, the idea of representing yourself in Los Angeles County courts is a bad move. It is as bad as getting a bad plea bargain, or a bad verdict from someone you think that you trust. c. Hiring an average lawyer means that you’re NOT supposed to withhold information about your past and driving behavior. There is a good reason for telling your LA DUI defense attorney about potential criminal activities that are remotely related to the DUI case at hand. For more professional legal advice, head over to LA Downtown Law today; the only law firm where DUI cases are treated the way they’re supposed to be! a) The carrier maintains a regular place of business for the purpose of transporting passengers [or property]. (b) The carrier advertises its services to the general public. (c) The carrier charges standard fees for its services.
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