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Breath & Blood Tests | DUI Defense Attorney

Breath and Blood Tests Guide for DUI Offenders in Los Angeles

Among many things concerning DUI charges in Los Angeles, breath and blood tests have their significant importance. Typically, drivers don’t possess the knowledge that these tests don’t add up to representing any level of accuracy. Since breath and blood tests have a chemical nature, the DUI offender has the right to call for a retest in court, or to be fairly treated by the officers if a refusal is in question. All thanks to the privileges of hiring a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney from Downtown LA Law, the client can increase his knowledge about such tests through the following frequently asked questions:

Is it Necessary for Me to Take Breath and Blood Tests?

As far as breathing tests are concerned – no, you don’t have to submit to them. But as long as blood tests and urine samples are involved, the case adopts a chemical profile. In other words, breath and blood tests that require you to submit to chemical testing are performed after an immediate arrest. Following the Implied Consent Laws in Los Angeles, California, the offender has to be at least 21 years old. Otherwise, breath and blood tests cannot be refused; however, the officer is obliged to treat a person fairly. You can press charges against the investigating authorities if the breath and blood tests results taken on site, and the ones taken after a couple of hours, don’t match. The court, in this case, will probably dismiss all DUI charges.

More About Breath and Blood Tests

Breath tests are conducted during the pre-arrest phase. The officer performs this test through a breathalyzer machine to determine the level of alcohol in an individual’s alveoli region. Blood tests fall under the category of chemical tests and they are performed AFTER the arrest. In both situations, the DUI offender has to be of legal age. He/she has the right to refuse field sobriety tests. However, this refusal can sometimes extend the period of license suspension if the person has been found guilty of DUI convictions in Los Angeles courts. On the contrary, blood tests can be your ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card. It’s because the results of blood tests come out at a later date – and more importantly, it takes an expert to take a blood sample. The officer’s level of experience can be put to question if the test wasn’t performed the right way. If you believe that you have been wrongfully charged for DUI convictions in Los Angeles County, greater Los Angeles areas, Orange Country or Ventura, feel free to contact our DUI defense lawyers at Downtown LA Law. Apart from scheduling a free consultation, these highly trained professionals have what it takes to guarantee a safe way out of the entire ordeal.
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