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Dog/Animal Bites Law FAQ’s

Bellow are some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients to our staff of Dog Bite Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California.

1.   What are the most dangerous dog breeds in terms of attacking individuals?

Dog Bite - Dog Attack Lawsuit Legal Questions and AnswersDifferent breeds of dog were created to exhibit different characteristics is appearance or character that a dog owner was looking for.  Over the decades many of those characteristics remain with dogs, particularly those who were bread for ferocity and fighting skills.   However it should be understood that all Dog Breed are potentially dangerous and may elitist dangerous behaviors which can lead to attacks and dog bites on humans. According to the CDC the most dangerous dogs are

  • Pit bulls
  •  Rottweilers
  • German Shepherds
  • Huskies
  • Alaskan Malamutes
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Chow Chows
  • Great Danes
  • St. Bernards
  • Akitas

One should be aware of mixed dogs that have partial ancestry from the breeds listed above. Even with proper care and training a Dog will always have the potential to bite and cause great harm to people.

2.  What are some ways I can prevent Dog Bites and protect my children from Neighborhood Dogs According to the Center for Disease Control there are several ways in which you can help prevent dog attacks against children in your family and neighborhood.

  • Instruct your child never to approach unfamiliar dogs.
  • Don’t run from a dog and scream. This will ignite their animal instincts and dogs will have a higher likelihood of running after you and biting you once they have caught on.
  • You should Remain motionless (e.g., “be still like a tree”) when approached by an unfamiliar dog.
  • If knocked over by a dog, roll into a ball and lie still (e.g., “be still like a log”).
  • Do not play with a dog unless supervised by an adult.
  • Immediately report stray dogs or dogs displaying unusual behavior to an adult.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with a dog.
  • Do not disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating, or caring for puppies.
  • Do not pet a dog without allowing it to see and sniff you first.
  • If bitten, immediately report the bite to an adult, and seek out medical attention.
  • Report the Dog Biting incident to you local police department and animal control.

3.  I have been bitten by a dog; isn’t cheaper If I just conduct negotiations with the insurance company (ie home insurance adjustor) myself instead of retaining a dog bite lawyer?

WRONG:   it is almost always to your financial benefit to hire a skilled South California Dog Bite Law Firm to represent you in a dig bite case. WHY? Insurance adjuster will attempt to low ball you in the settlement negotiations you are handling the negotiations yourself and they know that you have not retained an attorney.  Usually insurance adjusters and negotiators will pay out between 15% and 25% of the damages in a settlement negotiation with the person involved. However a skilled Dog Bite Lawyer will be able to place a heavy handed burden on Insurance companies during negotiations.  In most instances Insurance companies do not want to go to trial against Dog Bite Law Firms that have a history of litigating success against them.  Thus we will most assuredly increase the amount of settlement you will receive.

Remember WE DON’T GET PAID unless you have received your settlement; all of our representations will be in a contingency fee.  Thus is it in our interests and your interest to maximize the amount recovered from insurance companies for your Dog Bite injuries.

4.  I have been bitten by a neighbors dog:  Is the dog bite covered under his home insurance policy?

In Most Cases Yes:  Most Home insurance companies in California cover Dog Bite Cases.  However there are instances in which home insurance companies in California will attempt to claim that a dog bite is not covered under their insurance. In that case it is important that you contact a Dog attack Lawyer which has the skills and knowledge base to defense your case in the court of law against insurance companies which not willing to accept coverage of your Dog Bite incident.  In these instances it may be possible present an Insurance Bad Faith Claim for not accepting liability against the homeowner’s insurance company.   Under Insurance Bad faith you may be able to recover not only actual damaged for your settlement but massive punitive damages against the insurance company for their unwillingness to abide by their fiduciary duty to pay out claims in a proper manner.

5.  What is the California ONE BITE RULE for Dog Bites? California One Bite rule is stipulates in statute 3342 of the California Civil Code;

  • The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of such  viciousness.

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The statute is basically designed to as a preventative measure so that dogs are no longer a danger to a community.   This is achieved by the making the owner of the dog, and by virtue of home insurance the insurance carriers, responsibility.  Based on the above statute, a dog bite places automatic liability on the dog owner.

6.   How long do I have to bring a dog bite personal injury case against the owner of the dog and his insurance provider? In the State of California you have two years to bring a dog bite claim to court.  However, we always advise those that have been a victim of dig bites to bring a personal injury claim to court as soon as it is possible for them to do so. The quicker one files the more advantages he will have; the evidence that is required to represent you will not be eliminated.   Your injuries will not be fresh and there will not be any evidence of the injuries and trauma you suffered. The insurance company will realize that you are serious regarding the matter and will seek out a settlement that will likely be greater than then amount if you had waited.  And you will recover your settlement sooner than later.

7.   What information or evidence should I collect from the dog bite incident to help my case?  If you have already been bitten by a dog then the most important thing you can do to preserve evidence is to contact a Dog Bite Lawyer who has a staff of investigators which will collect all the relevant facts and evidence in your case. If you are bitten you should first seek safety from the dog and his owner, and request medical attention if needed.  Then you should is reasonable under the circumstances get the name and address of the dog owner, the location of incident, and names and phone number of any witnesses that saw the incident take place. The Information you gather should be immediately sent to a Dog Bite Lawyer  that you have asked to represent in you in your matter.

8. How Can You Help Me: The attorneys at Downtown LA Law are professional and experienced Dog Bite Attorneys that have a lengthy history in dealing with cases involving dog bites or a dog mauling.  It is our priority to make sure you get compensated for the tragedy you have had to experience. We’ll take all the steps necessary ensure you are educated on all of your options available.  And we will work diligently so that we can maximize your settlement for the injuries pan and suffering you had to endure. Remember you WILL NOT Be Charged a penny UNTIL  you have received compensation for your Dog Bite Injuries. Get your case started today by calling our office (855) DT-LA-LAW to begin your free consultation. You’ll never know what your options are until you discuss them with skilled professional attorneys at our Dog Bite Law Firm.


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