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Dangerous Dog Administrative Hearings

If you have a what California considers to be vicious breed of dog and are your dog has been seized from your property read the following article for help on getting your dog back.

What is a dog hearing? Dangerous Animal Administrative Hearings

Dog hearings are designed to determine whether your animal is considered dangerous to society and whether it should be put down or killed. If the animal control court determines that your dog is actually a threat to the people who live around you, then your dog will be put down. When considering whether you dog is dangerous, they will consider multiple factors including whether you dog has previous history of violence, whether he was provoked or acted on his/her own volition and other relevant facts. These types of hearings also known as disposal hearings are frightening. Pets can become close members of our families and to go to such a hearing and risk the possibility of losing your dog can be stressful and emotionally hurtful. If your dog has been seized and a hearing is scheduled you should consider doing the following in order to prepare yourself:
  1.  Prepare all documentation regarding past incidents of violence in order to demonstrate that your dog is not dangerous and that they do not pose a threat to the neighborhood; and
  2.  Have affidavits filed in demonstrating the peaceful and caring nature of your dog. Most dogs are not vicious by nature and usually attack only when they are attacked. It is important to show that your dog is not dangerous.

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While this is not a complete list and a lot more is needed, you should consult with an attorney to determine your rights and what needs to be done. Don’t let your dog fall victim to a disposal hearing, which may have terrible consequences.

Why is there a hearing scheduled?

When your property is seized you are given a constitutional right to be heard before the courts decide whether to return the property to you. In such cases you are given the right to present facts, which will help the administrators of the hearing determine whether or not to release your dog back into your custody.

Do I need an attorney for a Dangerous Dog Administrative Hearing

You are not required to be represented by counsel at any hearing, but you should consider that an attorney may be more qualified in representing you and may improve your chances to get your animal back. When considering the cost of retaining an attorney to represent you against the cost of potentially losing you dog, it is clear that having an attorney present is your best chance. Dog hearing attorneys in Los Angeles are rare to come by. Many attorneys represent those attacked by dogs or wild animals, but do not defend against the pet owners. Consult with your own attorney or contact Downtown LA Law it is likely that we can offer you advice on representation.

List of Dogs believed by Administrative Agencies to be Dangerous:

Administrative hearings also view the breeds as a determining factor in deciding whether to release your dog to your care. A list of dangerous dog breeds are as follows:
  • Pit bull
  • Rottweilers
  • German Shepherds
  • Huskies
  • Alaskan Malamutes
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Chow Chows
  • Great Danes
  • St. Bernards
  • Akitas

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Will my dog be killed or disposed if I loose the hearing?

The sad and unfortunate truth is yes, your dad will be put down in the event that the board decides it is a threat. It is a difficult truth to understand for many involved in such hearings. If your dog has been seized by animal control then you need to act quickly. Often times you will not receive a notice for a hearing until it is very close to the hearing date. It is important that you consult with an attorney who knows your rights promptly to have the process move along quickly and to get your dog back.

What will it cost?

Each case is different and depending on whether your dog was involved in a serious attack or whether it is their first attempt can make a difference. Generally attorneys charge an hourly fee and depending on their experience that fee can be different everywhere. If you would like to speak with an attorney contact Downtown LA Law we understand what you are going through and will do our best to help you. 1-855-385-2529

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