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Propane Tank Explosion Attorney | Burn Injury law Firm

Propane tanks can be extremely dangerous resulting in massive explosions resulting in severe fatal burns. Millions of American families use propane tanks on a daily basis for numerous purposes including, cooking and barbequing, heating of water and the home and outside heating. Unfortunate, thousands of victims are killed or severely burned from propane tank explosions every year.Other injuries may include loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, consumptions and brain injuries from the blasts shock wave, facial lacerations and permanent scarring. There can be numerous causes propane tank explosions including, defects in their design resulting in malfunctions, improper installation, or lack of maintenance. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries or a fatalities due to a propane tank explosion contact Law Firm for a free no cost case evaluation where we will determine the most optimum legal course of action so that you can be justly compensated for you loss.

Product Liability Lawsuits Against Manufacturers of Defective Propane Tanks:

In many instances the cause of propane tank explosions is defect in the product. Generally there are three distinct causes of action in a product liability claim. (1) Defect in the design of the product: This can be proven by showing the existence of a safer less dangerous design at a comparable price point to the design implemented into production. (2) Defect in the manufacturing process of the propane tank: This cause of action can be proven by showing that the final manufactured and distributed product is markedly different as a result more dangerous than the original intended design. (3) Defect in Labeling:  Also known and a failure to warn defect. This can be proven by showing that the manufacturers failed to place proper warning sign regarding the known dangers associated with its use.

Premises Liability Claims against Home Owner or Business Owner:

In many instances propane tank explosions end up causing severe burn injuries to visitors on private properties and commercial lands. Premises liability claims are dependent on the status of the victim. Invitee:  An invitee is owed the highest duty of care by a property owner and property manager.  They are any individual who is either expressly or impliedly invited to another person’s premises for their mutual benefit. Licensee: Any individual who enters the premises at the owner or possessors consent for a non business or commercial purpose.  The most common example is a social guest.  In order to recover as a licensee, a victim must establish (all three):
  • The owner or possessor knew or should have known of the dangerous condition, and should have known that it created an unreasonable risk of harm, and likewise should have known that the plaintiff would fail to discover the dangerous condition
  • The owner or possessor did not make the condition safe or failed to warn the licensee of the condition
  • The licensee did not know of the dangerous condition or the risks involved.
Trespassers: There is no duty is owed to a trespasser by a property owner. Safety Information: How to Maintain Propane Tank Safety: The easiest way to defect a propane leak is via smell. Manufacturers of gas used in propane tank add strong odors like rotten eggs, skunks, or dead animal carcasses in order to alert individuals of a leak. Other important safety tips include.
  • Don’t ever smoke or light any fires when you detect a leak
  • If possible turn off the cylinder valve of the propane tank
  • Contact the propane retailer charged with the installation of the tank regarding the leak
  • Leave the area as soon as possible and do not return until the
Propane tanks and CO Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: In many instances CO poisoning can result from gas leak. Some important warning signs of gas poisoning include, Moderate to severe headaches, dizziness, general fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and shortness of breath. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms leave the premises immediately and contact 911.  

Filing a Lawsuit: Financial Recovery for Injuries Suffered:

Victims of serious injuries caused by the negligent acts of others of defects in the design and manufacturing of products are entitled to recovery for the losses they have suffered. Generally the monetary value of a personal injury settlement will depend on several factors including
  • Medical Costs and hospitalization costs including the cost of prescription drug medication
  • Rehabilitation costs and costs if future medical care including revision surgeries
  • Lost wages including future loss of income due to inability to work
  • Pain and suffering as well as other non-economic damages including punitive damages
Filing a personal injury claim against product manufacturers of property owners fir serious injuries caused by propane tank explosions can be a challenging process for the victim and the litigators charged with perusing the matter. It is vital to speak to an attorney who has the wherewithal to take on such cases and protect the rights of individuals. (855)385-2529


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