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Optimus Tower Quartz Heater Recall | Defect Attorney

Optimus Tower Quartz Heater Recall | Defect Attorney
Prominent retail store and manufacturer Family Dollar Stores recalled a portable heating unit tower called Optimus Tower Quartz Heater , early in May, 2013. The recall occurred after the retailer received up to ten reports that the product was defective due to overheating, prompting health and fire hazards and Although there have so far been no reports of injuries or property damage related to the heater, reports indicated that the unit would overheat, enough to cause the knobs to melt.  The Optimus Tower Quartz Heater is sold through several avenues, including the company’s website, and is manufactured by Family Dollar Services Incorporated, located in Mathews, North Carolina. The unit is billed as providing “instant, sun-like warmth to efficiently deliver soothing radiant heat for economical comfort and convenience.”  Users can choose heat ratings of either 750 watts or 1500 watts.  However, the product has recalled the nearly 20,000 units that have been placed on the market, and has received negative consumer feedback on websites such as Amazon and Wayfair. The heater is manufactured in China, under model number H-5232. The recall comes as many other Chinese manufactured goods have come under fire for their lack of safety and propensity for hazard.

What If I was Injured by a Defective Optimus Tower Quartz

Although no injuries have been reported before Family Dollar issued the recall, many units remain on the market.  Simply instituting a recall does not absolve fault by the company for injuries that may occur in the future.  Consumers are still at risk for major burn injuries, as well as property damage.  If you or a loved one has been affected, please contact a product liability lawyer at Downtown L.A. Law Group.
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