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Defective Welding Equipment Injury Attorney

Welding is considered a highly specialized industrial technique. It requires certain level of skill in order to properly weld products. Employers can be held liable when they allow an improperly trained employee to operate such equipment, causing injury. Also, those using the equipment can also be held liable when injury results. Do not assume that your injuries are not because of a possible defect. It is important to speak with a professional who deals in product defect litigation in order to better understand your rights.

Defective Welding Equipment – Product Liability Claim

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Welding Tool manufacturers can be held liable (at fault) for injuries resulting from the sale of a defective product

Welding equipment can be defective for a number of reasons. This can include manufacturing defect, a defective component or rod, a design defect or lack of proper warnings.  A product is considered defective when it is different in some way or deviates from the original prototype. Products can also be defective when they fail to have adequate labeling. Companies are required to make products free from a defect. When they manufacture and market a defective product, which ultimately causes injury, they are liable. Often times many of these companies will not settle immediately. It will require extensive pre-litigation efforts in order to obtain a successful verdict. The use of experts and other professionals is generally required.

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Welding equipment that blows up or fails to function in the manner in which it was intended is considered defective. Speak to a welding tool product liability attorney to help assist with you case.

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Liability and Damages for Welding Accidents – Defective Welding Tool Manufacturer Liability

Damages resulting from the use of a defective welding rod or defective welding equipment can be catastrophic. Injured parties can suffer catastrophic burns, which can leave them disfigured. Also, the psychological impact of these injuries can be serious. A commercial seller of a product, who is engaged in the sale of such products, can be found liable. California law allows you to hold responsible all commercial sellers of a defective product. This includes all people involved in the chain of sale. Including retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. Knowing which entity or party to sue can be challenging. It is important to hold all sellers responsible in order to procure the maximum settlement possible. Your attorneys demand for damages should include past present and future medical expenses. They should also include compensation for the emotional and psychological injuries.
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If these injuries are not compensated for, do not accept any settlement. Your attorney should be aware that significant future medical costs exist when dealing with welding related injuries. It is their job to ensure compensation for these injuries. Downtown L.A. Law defective welding equipment attorneys will fight for your rights. It is our job to achieve the best settlement possible.

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Common Welding Accident Injuries

Welding injuries resulting from a defective product can be serious. Common injuries may include:
  • Permanent disfigurement;
  • Scarring;
  • Optical damage;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Dental damage;
  • Death;
  • 2nd and 3rd degree burns; and
  • Serious psychological injuries.
If you have been hurt as a result of a defective product, contact our offices today for a free case evaluation.

Welding Accident Attorney Legal Guide – What to do after my injuries?

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Proper safety measures should be taken to reduce welding injuries

After your injury is a critical time period. It is important that you seek the best medical treatment possible. Do not wait for the scarring to subside or heal without speaking to a doctor. It is also important to KEEP all equipment in its original condition after the injury. DO NOT tamper with the product. Keeping the product in its post injury condition is necessary for preserving the evidence. Evidence of this nature should be preserved. Make sure to document all of your injuries and take photos of the product. We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining this information. Many times clients destroy their own case by throwing away material evidence. This can destroy, delay or minimize your claim for recovery. Keep the product until you speak with an attorney. Your attorney should advise you to keep the product and to not make any modifications to it. We will also send out our experts to conduct testing to determine the cause or origin of the injury. Was it because of weakened metal or an inherently dangerous or defective design? These are all important questions. Speak to a welding equipment defect attorney in Los Angeles if you have been injured. Our attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law can assist you in better understanding your injuries.  If you have any further questions contact our product liability attorneys
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