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History of Actos

Actos Bladder Cancer facts and informationActos otherwise known as pioglitazone is a diabetes drug approved by the FDA. However in June of 2011 the FDA issued a warning that Actos use for a period can have significant adverse health impacts. These health impacts include spontaneous liver failure, bladder cancer and in some cases death. While the manufacturer of the drug, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., aggressively denied any link it has since been established that takers of Actos were 330% more likely to develop bladder cancer. However, Takeda Pharmaceuticals own independently funded study showed no increased risk. Like most large pharmaceutical company, they will essentially conduct their own funded and monitored tests of the drug. These test will essentially be manipulated to endorse any position which best serves the company’s fiscal health. However an independent study conducted by the National Health Insurance Agency a French agency contradicted all of Takeda’s findings. The independent agency not only showed that a risk existed, but also established that the odds of such injuries were abnormally high. As a result of these findings many takers of the drug have begun filing lawsuits against the manufacturer of the drug. In response to the number of cases the courts set up a federal MDL in Lafayette Louisiana and in California and Illinois state courts. In response to these lawsuits Takeda Pharmaceutical began minimizing their own fault and blaming the consumers health history to their injuries. The manufacturer pointed out that certain risk factors existed in patients and thus they should not be held liable for the plaintiffs claims. Today there are thousands of pending lawsuits by individuals who have suffered extensive injuries. However, the manufacturer has failed to step in and take any responsibility for the devastating losses suffered by their once former customers. Those injured are urged to consider their legal options. Downtown L.A. Law is a nationally recognized law firm accepting Actos related cases.

Bladder Cancer and Actos

Bladder cancer and liver failure are two of the most common side effects from taking Actos. Human bladders are generally vulnerable to the side-effects of drugs and prolonged storage of carcinogenic elements can cause certain cancers to develop. A demographic approach to bladder cancer shows that it is the 7th most common type of cancer in men worldwide. Additionally, age plays a significant roll. Over 90% of new cases occur in men who are above the age of 55 and Caucasian males are almost twice as likely to develop bladder cancer then Native or African American males of the same age group. These demographic studies make it difficult to establish that Actos was the cause of the cancer in males of a certain age group. Instead the manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceutical will argue that other risk factors include age are responsible, and not Actos. Which Factors Are Important to My Actos Bladder Cancer Claim? Understanding which elements or factors are important to your Actos claim are crucial to your case. Certain key factors are always considered when accepting a Actos bladder cancer case, these include:
  • Whether or not the party was a smoker?
  • Were you exposed to industrial chemicals?
  • Age of the client?
  • Length of time they actually took Actos?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes and for how long?
  • When did you start taking Actos?
  • Are  you male or female?
  • Is there a history of bladder cancer in your family?
These factors play a part in evaluating any potential Actos claim. While they are not determinate in establishing your case they can help in suggesting the best course of action to take. A client questionnaire can be useful in determining, along with one of our attorneys, the strength and viability of your potential lawsuit. If you have developed any of the above mentioned issues from taking Actos you may be entitled to compensation for injuries. Contact our offices with any questions you may have and we are happy to help evaluate your claim.

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