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Expungements | Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law Lawyer

Get Your ExpungementsEasily Done Nowadays, it is very easy for anybody to access your court records. All that someone needs to do is check for the name of an individual using their date of birth or full name. This recent advancement in technology allows potential employers, professional organizations and licensing agencies to conduct a criminal background check on just about anybody. However, just as it is easy for anybody to perform a background check on you, it is also relatively easy for you to have those records expunged. Once amisdemeanor or felony is expunged from court records, it is not eligible for use by potential employers. Questions regarding your offense might not even be brought up doing a job interview. According to California legislation once an individual’s record has been expunged the person is no longer under disabilities or penalties that may arise from the conviction earlier made. Expungements play a very important role in helping an individual to either maintain or secure a professional license. It makes it easy to get a fresh start. Eligibility for Expungement Anyone who was convicted of a felony or misdemeanor offense is eligible for expungement. This is true providing the following conditions have been met:
  • the individual successfully completed probation
  • the individual is not currently charged with any crimes
  • the individual is not serving a sentence for a criminal offense
  • the individual is not on probation for having committed a crime
However, there are certain crimes that cannot be expunged under California law for instance:
      • having committed crimes of a sexual nature with a child
      • if the individual has ever served time in state prison
Process of Expungement There are certain steps that you need to follow before you can have a criminal record expunged. These include:
          • appraising the nature of the case to determine whether you qualify for expungement
          • performing legal research in regard to the relevant and current law
          • making sure that you follow the provided legal timeframe in filing the paperwork, that is, providing the prosecutor with a 15-day notice so as to give them proper time to evaluate your case and determine whether to object
Why get your court records expunged? There are numerous advantages that stand to be gained by having your court records expunged. Some of these reasons are:
              • helping to secure employment; an employer cannot discriminate against you on the basis of already expunged court records
              • you can easily obtain a professional license from the state
              • it may protect you from issues pertaining to immigration, such as deportation
Easy Expungement Toimprove your chances of getting your court records expunged it is advisable that you contact a lawyer and have them help you. The expungement process requires a lot of research that our downtown LA law firm is ready and well capable of carrying out effectively. If you would like to have the court records expunged, please contact our downtown LA law firm today for a chance at a fresh start the easy way.
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