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Rollover Accident Attorney in Orange County | California Personal Injury Law Firm

Contact a Rollover Injury Lawyer regardign Your Claim to CompensationRollover accidents can be a frightening experience for all parties involved and lead to serious injuries. If you have been injured in a rollover accident contact our offices for a free evaluation. Rollover accidents are not like ordinary car accidents, in the sense that the cause and extent of damages can be severe. In such accidents you should be compensated for both your property and bodily damages. Our firm has the skill to fight for your rights. When you have been involved in a rollover accident don’t just trust your case with any firm. Downtown LA Law has a team dedicated to rollover accidents. We will walk you through every step of the process and help you procure the maximum amount of dollars for your settlement. You may be entitled to recovery for all types of injuries you may have suffered, so call us today for a free case evaluation and experience the difference at Downtown L.A. Law Group.

What is a Rollover Accident?

The actual tipping or turning of your vehicle due to a high collision impact can define rollover accidents. In such cases the vehicle turns from an up-right position to it’s side or back. Such accidents can cause serious injuries to your body including: When you vehicle is involved in an accident that causes a rollover many victims often are faced with extreme pain and suffering. Victims are also often faced with high medical and doctor bills, which just compensation is deserved.  We understand your rights and are here to fight for you and help maximize your recovery.  If you or someone you know has been involved in such an accident our offices can help. Contact us today at 855-385-2529 for a free case evaluation.

 What are my Rights – Liability for Rollover Accidents

You are entitled to recovery for certain losses after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Generally your passengers or occupants as well as the driver of the vehicle are entitled to recovery. You may be able to assert a claim for the following types of loss:
  • Loss of property including your vehicle and certain contents present at the time of the incident;
  • Medical bills, including emergency room bills, doctor bills and further treatment costs;
  • Recovery for future loss of earnings including recovery for pain and suffering;
  • Loss of work and income is also subject to recovery under certain circumstances.
When pursuing your claim for rollover accidents a qualified rollover accident attorney in Los Angeles is necessary. The difference between a qualified attorney and one who is un-qualified can be substantial. It is important that proper representation be had in order to avoid any mishandling of your case.

Can my passengers sue me? Occupant Liability

If passengers are present in your vehicle at the time of the incident then it is possible that they may assert a cause of action against your insurance company for recovery. Generally, passengers will assert a cause of action against the defendant or driver of the vehicle causing the injury. However, there are instances where the driver of the vehicle causing the injury does not have insurance. In such cases it is possible to pursue alternative methods of recovery to help for your injuries. If you were a passenger in a vehicle involved in a rollover contact our offices for further evaluation of your case.

What causes rollover accidents?

A commonly asked question is what causes rollover accidents. This depends on a number of different factors including the angle of the impact, type of vehicle, speed of the vehicle and weather conditions.  Many times certain vehicles are subject or prone to rollovers. However, the manufacture can fail to either notice or notify the owners of such vehicles of an issue. In such cases there may be a cause of action for product liability. Other times the cause of the rollover can be attributed to high-speed collisions or even weather conditions. Choosing the Right Attorney – Expert Legal Representation:  It is important for your attorney to know of such defects and to employ the proper experts to determine whether such a defects exist. Our firm will help by employing the best experts to determine whether any type of defect exists as well as pursuing other forms of recovery. Contact us today for a free case evaluation or a second opinion.
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