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15 Passenger Van Rollovers | Injury Accident Attorney

15 Passenger Van Rollover Lawsuit15 passenger vans are among the most likely to roll over and cause serious injury. Many times drivers are un-skilled or the van suffers from a tire blow out or other related incident. As a result of a the rollover passengers can suffer from serious neck, back and head injuries. If you were involved in a passenger van rollover or accident, read the following article to better understand your rights.

Passenger Van Accident Statistics

Statistics help us better understand the causes of accident and their frequency. The manufacturers who make these vans include:
  • Chevrolet Express 3500
  • GMC Savana G3500
  • Dodge Ram Van/Wagon B3500
  • Ford Econoline E350
  • Ford Club Wagon E350
  • GMC Rally/Vandura G3500
According to reports published by the NHTSA 15 passenger vans are 6 times more likely to flip or rollover when they are at full occupancy. These vans are used to transport groups of people in church events and other related athletic type events. In such cases the rollovers are known to cause unknown head, spine and back injuries. When these vans are loaded to full occupancy the likelihood of a rollover is more likely. In such cases the party renting the van would be liable. In other instances the manufacturer would also be held liable when they manufacture and put into commerce a defective product.

Liability for Injuries

Renters, drivers, operators and manufacturers can all be held liable for the injuries sustained. In order to fully understand the extent of liability a close examination of the facts is required. For example if the roof of the van collapsed or a steering column detached, it can be a manufacturing issue. If the rental company failed to inspect the vehicle and the tires blew out or brakes were defective they can be liable. Or if the renting party allowed a unqualified party to operate or drive the vehicle, which caused the accident, they can be held liable. In most cases these types of accidents occur when the vans are occupied to capacity and a unqualified driver attempt to maneuver the vehicle. In such cases the vehicle can tip or rollover at relative ease. According to the statistics mentioned earlier, these vehicles are almost SIX times more likely to roll if they are fully occupied. In such cases passengers can suffer extensive injuries. These injuries can have long lasting complications both physically and psychologically.

Van Rollover Accidents and Manufacturing Liability Claims

15 Passenger Vans are at an increased risk of Rollover accidents. According published estimates nearly 75% of all rollover accidents involving Passenger Vans involved only a single vehicle.  Victims of single vehicle rollover may have a claim against auto manufacturers including tire and brake manufacturers if their products were a contributing factor in the accident. Product liability claims must be proven in one of three ways (1) Defect in the Design of the Passenger Van (2) Defect in the manufacturing process of the Van or tires (3) Failure to War of known dangers associated with the use of the Vehicle.

Common Types of Injuries

Why do we mention common injuries? Because it is important to know of all the possible injuries which can occur as a result of a roll over. Below is  a list of some common injuries we have researched from rollover accidents.
  • Concussion
  • MTBI or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Loss of fetus or miscarriage
  • Ocular injuries
  • Broken nose
This is not a complete list of possible injuries. If you have been injured in a rollover accident, contact a physician for more information.

Evaluating My Case Value

Evaluating a rollover accident in a church van accident or university van accident requires careful consideration of facts and injuries. Factors such as the type of injuries, degree of care needed and consequence of injury are all important factors to consider. Whether the injury requires long term care or whether or not the plaintiff can get back to work is important. Pain and suffering is another important factor to consider. When evaluating a claim it is important that you explain how this incident has impacted your life. How has the injury made you different? What are you no longer able to do? If the injury has had a long term impact on your life, then this should be brought to light. Injuries which alter the lifestyle of the client need to be given careful consideration and must be presented appropriately to the defense counsel  or insurance company. For a free evaluation of your case contact the offices at Downtown L.A. Law.(855)385-2529
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