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Rear End Car Collision Lawyer | Auto Accident

Rear End Collision free case evaluationRear-end collisions take place daily on California vast road and freeway network.   Rear ended vehicle crashes can take place on any sized road and on at any speed and have the potential to cause lifelong permanent injuries to the unsuspecting drivers and passenger of the vehicle struck.  If you have sustained any injuries resulting from a collision and any speed it is vital to contact a trained medical professional and be treated.  Afterwords one should contact a rear end collision attorney in Los Angeles for an immediate consultation regarding possible car accident lawsuit because of the injuries you have suffered. Rear end collisions and crashed can take place in many different places including:
  • Parking lots:  School Parking, mall and shopping center parking lots
  • Major intersections with traffic lights
  • Minor intersections with stop signs
  • Country roads
  • Major Highways
  • Exit ramps
  • Residential streets

Collision Accident Lawyers Can Help

If you’ve suffered injuries resulting from a rear end car crash accident or you must first tend to your wounds and heal your injuries.  Seeking vindication of your rights is our job.  At Downtown LA Law Group  California Collision injury Lawyers are skilled and knowledgeable in defending the rights of those who have suffered spinal cord injuries, neck/back injuries, broken bones, whiplash injuries, or any other injury due to a rear end collision.  We will hold liable those who caused your accident including drivers, and their insurance carriers.

Rear end Collision Common injures

Injuries due do rear end collisions can take place at any speed.  Often victims of rear end collisions do not experience the pain of their injuries until hours and days after the incident.  It is vital to seek medical attention immediately after a rear end collision so that you can be checked up and treated for your injuries.
Rear End Collision Car Accident Attorney
Common injuries resulting from rear end collisions are as follows
  • Neck injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Back injuries and Spine injuries
  • Spinal Cord Damage: leading to paraplegia and or quadriplegia
  • Brain and Hear Injuries:  Traumatic Brain damage (TBI)
  • Broken Noses and facial lacerations
  • Major cuts and bruises
  • Herniated disc:  other types of herniation
  • Wrongful death
All too often children suffer the worst injuries in rear end collision because they are usually seated in the back of the vehicle.  If you or family member have suffered a rear end collision injuries contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our rear end collision lawyers. Whiplash Trauma caused by Rear end accidents:  Whiplash trauma is one of the most common types of injuries from low impact collisions. In such instances injuries including muscle injuries, from serious to minor, cervical spine damage, blurred vision, hemorrhaging, nerve damage to ear, back injuries or other injuries.

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Rear End Accident
When a person is involved in a low impact collision they may suffer from whiplash trauma. It is important to seek proper medical treatment for your care and help you to better understand the extent of your injuries. Without fully knowing the degree of harm you may not be receiving the full value of your claim. Our job is to help you maximize the value of your injuries and recover for both your economic and non-economic harm. We are committed to helping our clients receive the necessary type of care

Who do I contact if I have been injured in a rear end car crash?

If you need a Los Angeles Collision Attorney we can help. We will take care of every legal detail and make sure you achieve the highest compensation possible for your loss; in the meantime, concentrate on the most important part of this process – your recovery. Remember that it is crucial to act quickly after you’ve been injured to report any collision accident claim before limitations can lower or extinguish your rightful claim. Call us for a free consultation with one of our neck & spinal cord injury lawyers regarding your accident: (855-DT-LA-LAW)
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