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Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney Public transportation is a vital asset for hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles residents. However in many instances improper driving or maintenance of buses results in serious injuries to passengers. Accidents often result in catastrophic injuries to not only passengers, but also pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists alike. Bus drivers and bus operator companies have a duty to protect passengers and other motorists on the road from negligent or intentional acts which may result in serious harm. Our Personal Injury Law Firm proudly represents victims of public transportation accidents including MTA Bus Accidents in Los Angles County and surrounding communities. Legal Representation By Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyers: Most insurance adjusters can and will attempt to low ball your injury claim if you are not represented by an attorney. It is vital to seek legal representation before you speak to any insurance adjusters or bus company agencies regarding your accident claim.

Accidents involving City Owned MTA Buses and Public Transportation Vehicles

Bus accidents result from many different factors including the negligence of the driver, the negligence of the mechanic and maintenance crew, product defects, poor weather conditions like icy and slick roads or high winds, lack of security procedures and lack of required safety devises on-board. Some of the more common causes of bus and public transportation accidents are as follows. [list type=”icon-arrow”]

  • Accidents caused by speeding of bus operator
  • Doors shutting on boarding passengers
  • Sudden stops or starts leading to neck injuries and concussions
  • Collision and traffic accidents with other vehicles on the road indulging trucks, motorcycle and pedestrians riding bicycles
  • Undue Speeding and distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of an intoxicant
  • Slip and Falls caused by the accumulation of debris or liquids on bus floors
  • Broken seat backs and handrails on the bus
  • Maintenance negligence: Poorly maintained buses leading to accidents
  • Driver negligence including distractions and errors
  • Defective manufacturing and installation of buses and bus parts


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Common Carrier Duty – California Public and Private Transpiration Laws: Common Law jurisdictions including the state of California impose a heightened level of care on individuals and corporations  who are in the business of transporting individuals from one location to another.  California Civil Code § states that Common Carriers, “must use the most care and diligence for their safe carriage, must provide everything necessary for that purpose,” including providing vehicles that are safe and fit for the purposes to which they are to be used for. Common carriers include not only public transportation entities such as the MTA or OCTA but also private (for profit) business which own and operate tour buses and commercial chartered bus lines. More on California Common Carrier laws here..

Passengers can suffer serious <a href=bus door accident injuries defective closing opening bus doors>injuries due to bus driver negligence<a> and may have a claim against a city bus line

Bus Passenger Injury Claims – Bus Occupant Accident Lawsuits:

A large percentage of bus related injuries take place inside the vehicle.  Bus passengers are at a heightened risk of slip and falls, bus assaults and battery, bus door injuries, wheelchair lift defects, sudden stops or starts, and driver negligence leading to serious traffic accidents. Most bus and public transportation vehicles contain security camera on board.  Such footage can be of great legal benefit providing your attorney with the essential evidence required to show negligence on the part of the bus drive, the bus line operator and other responsible parties. Wheelchair Bus Defects cause Serious injuriesWheelchair lifts on board MTA Los Angeles buses are designed to assist disabled and handicapped individuals. However, in many instances such devices can be defectively designed, manufactures or installed, leading to serious bodily injuries to unsuspecting disabled passengers. Common causes of wheelchair bus lift accidents included, Improper maintenance, Wet Bus Lift surfaces, Oily Lift Surface, Defective machinery, Defective Design, lack of educating bus drivers as to their proper use, Improper installation, Negligent Handling and care by bus driver, Improper use, Failure to secure wheel chair during lifting process, Roll stop latch defect. Common Injuries Resulting From Bus Accidents: Some of the most common injuries in roadway bus collisions are as follows [list type=”icon-plus”]

  • Head Injury including Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Fractured bones
  • Spinal Cord Injuries resulting in permanent nerve damage and paralysis
  • Amputations and severed limbs
  • Neck injuries including serious cases of whiplash
  • Back Injuries including fractured and herniated discs
  • Back Injuries including fractured and herniated discs


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School Bus Accident Claims

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are an estimate 28,000 school bus accident each year leading to close to 8,000 injuries to children and teenagers. On average 10 occupants die in school bus accidents each year most of those passengers.  Injuries are usually the result of collisions with other cars or accidents involving pedestrians including many young school children. School buses are the most widely used form of mass transportation in the United States.  Around 10 million school bus trips are taken every year.  School buses are amongst the safest forms of transport in the county.

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What To do After a Bus Accident?

What To do After a Bus Accident?

Here are 11 things to do in case you have been injured in bus accident

  • Make sure you and those around you are safe.  Your health and safety and those around you is important.  If you or another person has suffered injuries immediately seek medical attention. Even if you believe you have not been injured you should still get a checkup with a medical professional. The shock and resulting adrenalin rush experienced after a traumatic event often results individuals not being able to feel the pain of the injuries they suffered until hours or even days after an accident.
  • Do not attempt to talk with the other party including the Bus Driver or other drivers regarding fault or apologies. Any words you may have said can be used against you by insurance companies when you are seeking compensation for your damages and injuries.  Even politeness can be used against you.
  • Contact the local police department and report the bus accident.  If a school bus is involved then attempts to contact the school to notify them of the situation. If you know an attorney you can trust, contact them if you have any questions regarding the process.
  • If there are other injured bus passengers ask for their information. Evidence of other occupant injuries can strengthen yous case and increase your chances of recovery for your injuries.
  • Get the Bus Drivers Information. If you are not injured and you believe the area is reasonably safe then attempt to ask the bus driver for his driver’s license, car registration information, contact information, and insurance documentation.  Take down all information including the school he works for.  If you have a high resolution camera phone ask the person if it is OK to take pictures of the documents you have asked for.
  • Ask for Witness Information:  If there are witnesses who can testify on your behalf asked them for their contact information.
  • Get evidence. Take Pictures and take notes as much as possible of all the damage to your car, and well as the street lights, street address.  If there is a dispute down the line you will have proof.
  • Be Careful Who You Talk To – if the other party’s insurance company contacts you, your best response is not to say anything except informing them to speak only to your attorney regarding the matter. Again, any statements you make to insurance companies will be use against you.
  • Never automatically accept the first estimate or offer you get – jumping the gun on the settlement can be a costly mistake.  Contact a car accident attorney who is skilled an adept in negotiating with insurance companies.  If insurance companies play hardball a skilled aggressive Bus Accident lawyer will take the defendant to litigation and trial.
  • Get yourself a skilled Bus Accident Attorney – A Bus Crash attorney adept in fighting insurance companies and protecting your right to compensation will be able to substantially increase the amount of compensation you receive for your damages and injuries.
  • Heal your wounds and get better; fighting insurance companies and defendants is OUR JOB.  We will make you receive the maximum compensation for your loss.
  • NOTE – Statute of Limitations: There is a limited time line to file a personal injury lawsuit against bus line operators. Contact a legal representative as soon as possible so that the time period to file a claim does not run out.

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Filing a Lawsuit Against the MTA for Injuries to Passengers and Other Drivers

If you’ve been injured in a Los Angeles Bus Crash, you must first tend to your wounds and heal your injuries. Seeking vindication of your rights is our job.  At Downtown LA Law Group our legal team is skilled and knowledgeable in general traffic accident injury laws and bus accident cases including LAUSD Bus Accidents.

Why Choose Us to Representing You in the Court of Law – Our aggressive and tenacious litigators will keep on the offensive until they make sure you have been fully compensated for your injuries and vindicated for your loss.  We will go to trial and take on drivers that were negligent and their insurance carriers’ so that your rights are protected. Our goal is to take care of every legal detail and make sure you achieve the highest compensation possible for your loss; in the meantime, concentrate on the most important part of this process – your recovery.

Important – Bus Accident Statute of Limitations: Most bus lines in California are owned and operated by city and state entities which require a bus accident claim to be filed within 6 months (180) from the date of the accident. As such it is vital to contact a personal injury law office as soon as you are involved in an accident caused by a city owned bus line. For More Information on Bus AccidentsBrain Injury After a Bus AccidentSlip and Fall Accidents on BusesRiverside Bus Accident AttorneySan Bernardino Omnitrans Bus Accident AttorneyAnaheim School Bus Accident

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