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Sikorsky 76 Helicopter Accident Lawyer

Sikorsky 76 Helicopter Accident Lawyer attorney sue compensation lawsuit personal injury incident

The Sikorsky 76 is a commercial utility helicopter developed by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. With its unbeatable speed and high climbing range, the S76 is used by celebrities, government officials, hospitals, and corporations all over the world. Although the Sikorsky 76 is a commercial-grade helicopter, that doesn’t make it any more resistant to crashes and other types of accidents. This is particularly true when aircraft manufacturers are negligent and sell helicopters with serious safety issues. Have you or a loved one been injured as a result of riding in a Sikorsky 76 helicopter? If so, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries or for the death of your loved one.

Call our office today to learn about your legal rights, including how you can file a lawsuit against Sikorsky for helicopter-related injuries.

Sikorsky 76 Crash Incidents

Sikorsky 76s are referred to as “the limousine” version of civilian helicopters, making them a top choice among celebrities. It was a favorite of the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who tragically died in a Sikorsky 76 crash along with his daughter and 7 other people. Investigations following the tragedy revealed a number of disturbing flaws, including the lack of a terrain awareness and warning system, known as TAWS. The aircraft also lacked a blackbox or cockpit voice recorder, which can help identify problems and prevent them in the future.

Wrongful death lawsuits have been filed by Bryant’s widow and family members of the other passengers, but it’s clear that this tragedy didn’t have to happen. While Kobe Bryant’s case received a huge amount of publicity, most victims of S76 crashes are left to fend for themselves. For them, going up against Sikorsky’s public image of safety and reliability can be extremely difficult. Without the legal knowledge or resources to hold them responsible, such victims face life-altering consequences such as disability and financial ruin.

Our attorneys are here for you and will fight Sikorsky for the full compensation you deserve. Call DTLA Law Group and find out how you can file a helicopter crash lawsuit against Sikorsky.

Injuries from Helicopter Crashes

Even if you survive a helicopter crash, you are likely to end up with serious injuries that can last a lifetime. Some of these injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord or neck injury
  • Burns and scarring
  • Disfigurement of the face or body
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Coma
  • Paralysis or loss of function
  • Severed Limbs

Injuries can be mental, as well as physical. Many of our clients still suffer from PTSD and other forms of emotional trauma that require on-going therapy. Physical and mental health treatments do not come cheap and it’s unacceptable that victims should have to pay for them.

Victims, by the way, are not just the passengers inside the helicopter. Innocent bystanders may be hurt or killed if a helicopter crashes into a house or building, or on to a busy street. Helicopter crashes can also cause wildfires, which result in significant damage to private property and the environment. In short, helicopter crash injuries have far-reaching consequences for countless individuals.

Contact the DTLA Law Group and hold the helicopter manufacturer responsible for your injuries.

Sikorsky 76 Helicopter Accident Lawyer attorney compensation lawsuit personal injury incident sue

Sikorsky’s Liability

Liability, or figuring out the party responsible for the accident, is critical to any personal injury lawsuit. In the case of a helicopter crash, the manufacturer may be held responsible if they knew about or should have known about certain problems with the aircraft. These problems include mechanical defects, faulty parts, design flaws, and improper maintenance before the helicopter was sold.

Once you determine liability, you can file a lawsuit for the damage you suffered while you were on board a Sikorsky 76 helicopter. However, liability can be difficult to prove, like in the case of Kobe Bryant where there was no black box to help investigators figure out what happened.

If Sikorsky failed in their duty of care to you or your loved one, call the DTLA Law group right away. Our lawyers have years of experience with helicopter crash lawsuits and have the methods for getting to the truth of your accident.

Compensation from a Sikorsky Helicopter Accident Lawsuit

A compensation package in a helicopter crash lawsuit includes money for various types of losses. We can help you obtain the following amounts for your accident:

  • Medical expenses now and into the future for hospital visits, surgery, physical therapy, etc.
  • Pain and suffering to help with mental injuries like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.
  • Lost wages if you can no longer work or have to change careers.
  • Punitive damages

Punitive damages are not meant to compensate you for your economic losses. This is an additional amount of top of your settlement award and given at the court’s discretion in cases of gross negligence by the responsible party. In many cases, punitive damages are considered to be excessive so you should consult an experienced attorney to see if you qualify.

To learn more about punitive damages and all the other compensation you may be entitled to contact the helicopter lawsuit attorneys of DTLA.

Wrongful Death Compensation from a Sikorsky Helicopter Lawsuit

Some people argue that it’s distasteful to demand compensation for someone’s death. We agree that money can’t replace the person you lost, but here’s the reality. When your loved one dies, you are deprived of various financial and emotional forms of support. Additionally, you are struggling with grief and mental health issues that require professional counseling. You also lose out on your plans and dreams for the future, like growing old together and having kids.

The law takes such losses seriously and allows loved ones of helicopter crash victims to file wrongful compensation claims against the manufacturer. Loved ones can ask for:

  • Money for funeral costs.
  • Medical bills associated with the deceased person’s injuries.
  • Pain and suffering to help you deal with emotional trauma.
  • Loss of expected income and inheritance.

As a spouse or registered domestic partner of the victim, you may also qualify for loss of consortium. This is a special type of compensation to make up for the love, emotional support, and companionship you have lost as a result of your partner’s death. These losses include physical intimacy and in some cases, the ability to have children. It’s difficult to put a value on loss of consortium so you should not request this form of compensation without help from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

In other cases, the deceased individual may not have a spouse or surviving children, and both of their parents have passed away. A brother or sister may sue in these circumstances, but there are special rules regarding this type of lawsuit. For example, if you are the executor of the victim’s estate, any compensation you receive from Sikorsky must go back into the estate. You will then distribute the funds according to the will, or state law if there is no will.

If you lost your loved one in a Sikorsky 76 helicopter crash, find out about your legal options from one of our skilled personal injury attorneys.

Wrongful Death Claims Filed by Divorced Parents

The state of California permits parents of any marital status (married, divorced, never married) to file a wrongful death claim against the helicopter manufacturer responsible for their child’s death. However, there can only be one cause of action for wrongful death, so only one of you can file the lawsuit. The other parent will be listed as co-plaintiff so that their rights are represented as well.

If you’re on bad terms with your ex, speaking to them is probably the last thing you want to do. But it’s important that you give them the opportunity to join your lawsuit. If you don’t, you leave yourself open to being sued by your ex for the damages they lost out on.

This is where lawyers can be helpful. Along with filing your lawsuit for wrongful death, we can reach out to your former partner and make sure they are aware of their legal rights. If they want to be a part of the lawsuit, we will handle all communications regarding your claim so you have one less thing to stress about.

We look forward to representing you in a lawsuit against Sikorsky and helping you in your journey towards recovery.

Statute of Limitations

No matter how strong your case is, your opportunity for compensation may be at risk if you wait to file a lawsuit. California gives you only two years from the date of your injury to seek damages for helicopter accidents, so you must find legal representation right away. You should also consider the costs of recovery, which can mount quickly and cause you to burn through your savings. This can cause all kinds of problems for you like late bills and bad credit, which you should not have to deal with on top of your injuries.

The law recognizes special circumstances that may prevent you from suing Sikorsky right away. If, for example, you were underage at the time of the crash, you may qualify for an extension past the 2-year deadline. The courts have also granted extensions for victims who were physically or mentally unable to file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations. Individuals who have had to leave the state or country during the two years following their accident may apply for an exemption as well.

Give yourself the best chance possible in a lawsuit by speaking to a Los Angeles helicopter crash lawyer today.

Choosing DTLA Law Group

The personal injury attorneys of DTLA have many years of recovering compensation for victims of helicopter accidents. Dealing with companies like Sikorsky takes hard work, persistence, and experience going up against big corporations. The attorneys of DTLA have all these elements, as well as the passion and perseverance to go after the responsible parties and make them pay for your helicopter crash injuries.

If you’re wondering how much it will cost you to file a lawsuit, the answer is: nothing. You are the victim in this situation and you should not have to face financial hardship in order to seek justice. That’s why our services are free, starting with your initial consultation where we educate you on your rights and discuss what your claim may be worth. In fact, you won’t pay us anything until we win your case as a part of our Zero fee guarantee. This means we take your case on a contingency fee basis, and Sikorsky will pay our fees after your case is resolved. Best of all, you still pay nothing if we lose your case, so there is never any risk to you.

As you can see, there is no reason to wait on a helicopter crash lawsuit or wrongful death compensation claim. Contact us to schedule your free consultation with one of our attorneys.


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