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Rotorooter Sexual Assault Lawyer

Rotorooter Sexual Assault Lawyer attorney lawsuit sue compensation

As a homeowner in Los Angeles, one of the most dreaded discoveries is that you have a clogged drain. The thought of disgusting, dirty water flooding your home is far from appealing. Fortunately, a well-known service, rotorooter, is famous for eliminating drain clogs and saving you from a nasty mess. It seems like the ideal solution to your clogged drain problem until shortly after the rotorooter employee gains access to your home. Suddenly the person is in your face, grabbing you and making very unwanted and unacceptable sexual advances. But sadly, you are alone in your home and completely overpowered by this stranger. At the moment, you try to fight back. But your effort is wasted as you try to think of anything but what is happening. You are now a victim of sexual assault.

If this scenario is shockingly familiar, you must know you have rights after being sexually assaulted. And there is a team of experts at DTLA Law Group who are ready to listen to the details of your sexual assault and help you decide how to move forward. This group of compassionate professionals is ready to be your strength and voice when you feel too overwhelmed to fight for your rights under the California legal system. And they are prepared to take your call 24/7 to speak about the incident or to schedule a complimentary in-person consultation. It is vital to remember that you are not alone. A DTLA Law rotorooter sexual assault lawyer is just a call away and is ready to fight for your right to compensation for your losses and to press criminal charges against the person who assaulted you in the sanctity of your own home.

What To Do After Being Sexually Assaulted

Many sexual assault victims report feeling compelled to jump in the shower and scrub their bodies as soon as their attacker leaves. Crying and feelings of guilt are also very common after such an ordeal. However, it is crucial for you to try to take positive action after such an unthinkable and disturbing event. So try to focus on your safety and healing as you:

  • Call 911 immediately after the attacker has left your home. Explain what happened to the 911 operator as you walk through the house, verifying that all the doors and windows are secured. Then wait for a police officer to arrive to take your statement and file a report.
  • While waiting, you can take pictures of any injuries resulting from the assault and any damage to your home that will demonstrate a struggle in the house and that you were not a willing participant.
  • When the police arrive, try to remain calm and provide as much detail as possible about the attack and the attacker.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Do not try to clean or treat wounds yourself, as there could be evidence that will help support your charges against the attacker and your civil lawsuit for damages.
  • Contact the rotorooter company to notify them of the sexual assault by one of their employees.
  • Keep all documentation regarding your medical care, including images, diagnosis, and billing. If the police did not gather items from your home that you feel could be useful in depicting the events that occurred in your home, collect them for future evidence.
  • Contact the sexual assault legal professionals at DTLA Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your case and understand your rights pertaining to pressing criminal charges and a civil lawsuit against your attacker.

While it is very tempting to try to ignore what happened or refuse to speak of it, that will not provide any desirable results. To move forward and regain your confidence and feeling of security in your home, it is vital to get the help you need to heal from both your physical and emotional injuries. And the DTLA Law team is here to help you.

What Is The Legal Definition Of Sexual Assault?

As you begin to think about the events you have endured, you could wonder if you were sexually assaulted or if it was legally just an assault. Not that it makes the incident any less troubling, but for many, it can make it less upsetting or embarrassing. The genuinely important piece of information to remember is that you are a victim and that this is in no way your fault. However, the person who did this to you does need to be held accountable for these unthinkable acts of aggression.

The U.S. Department of Justice has defined sexual assault as any non-consensual sexual act, including when the victim lacks the capacity to consent. The specific acts considered sex crimes include:

  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Groping or unwanted touching
  • Any forced sex act

So even if the person did not rape you, unwanted touching, groping, and forced sexually related touching is considered sexual abuse. And you have the right to press criminal charges and seek a civil lawsuit against the person.

Taking Criminal And Civil Action

California has some of the most rigid laws in the country to protect its residents from unwanted sexual advances. Under these laws, you have the right to press criminal charges against any person who is making unwanted advances in a sexual manner or who is sexually harassing you. In addition, you have the right to pursue civil action to seek compensation for any damages resulting from the sexual assault. These lawsuits can be against the person involved, or in some cases, others can also be held accountable. For example, in the instance of a rotorooter sexual assault, the company that hired the technician could be responsible if they were negligent in their pre-hiring screening process. So it is crucial for you to explain all the details of your case to a skilled personal injury expert at DTLA Law Group to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve.

Determining The Value Of A Sexual Assault Lawsuit

As the victim of a sexual assault, you have a right to feel that no amount of money can correct what has happened or restore your feelings of safety and security in your own home. But it is also essential to understand that you deserve time to begin to heal and process the event without the added stress and worry of mounting medical bills and lost wages. To help you manage these aspects of your life after a brutal sexual assault, the DTLA Law rotorooter sexual assault lawyer working on your case will work to determine a justified settlement amount on your behalf. The criteria used to formulate the settlement amount include:

  • Medical Expenses – Any medical care related to the assault, including emergency room care, surgery, treatment of wounds, medication, and all future treatment for physical injuries sustained during the sexual assault, are evaluated and added to the settlement amount.
  • Lost Wages – After the sexual assault, it could be days or weeks before you are ready to return to work. This part of the settlement helps cover your living expenses as you heal both physically and emotionally.
  • Property Damage – The value of any items damaged during your attack is calculated to cover your replacement cost.
  • Pain And Suffering Damages – No dollar amount can ever wipe away the feelings you have as a result of a sexual assault. However, this dollar amount is meant to help ease the burden of the pain and suffering you endured at the hands of your attacker.
  • Punitive Damages – Not all judges will award punitive damages to a sexual assault victim. In most cases, the addition of this punitive amount is secured due to the diligence of your DTLA Law rotorooter sexual assault lawyer, who meticulously documents the case and presents undeniable evidence of the level of disregard shown to you by your attacker.  

No Statute Of Limitations

As of January 1, 2017, there is no Statute of Limitations on felony sex crimes in California. However, it is crucial to seek legal counsel as soon as possible to facilitate the gathering of data and documents to support your civil lawsuit against your attacker.

Expert Legal Service With No Upfront Fees

At DTLA Law, our goal is to help you when you need it the most, not to add to your stress and worry after enduring a sexual attack. So we provide a free consultation and charge no fees until we have secured a settlement for you. We know that you are facing enough adversity and trauma in your life after the sexual assault, and we are here to help you put it behind you and begin to rebuild your life.

In addition, we offer a free second opinion to any sexual assault victim who is unsure of the information or capability of another law firm they have contacted regarding their case. We want every victim to feel confident in their legal representation and ability to secure the settlement needed to begin moving forward and healing.

rotorooter plumbing service lawyer attorney sexual assault lawsuit
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What Types of Injuries Are Common with a Defective Seatbelt?

There are many different injuries that will be common with a defective seatbelt accident claim. You can be hurt in your legs, arms, neck and back. Some of these injuries will be serious, and other injuries may require more surgical procedures to help you to heal from the ordeal.

Other injuries from a defective seatbelt include:

  • Chest injuries
  • Lung injury
  • Lumbar injuries
  • Thoracic cage injuries
  • Fracture of sternum
  • Contusion to chest wall
  • Vascular injuries
  • Blunt carotid injury
  • Cerebral infarction
  • Heart injuries
  • Disruption and dissection to blood vessels
  • Broken hip
  • Broken pelvis
  • Abdominal injuries
  • Compression injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Lumbar spine injuries
  • Seatbelt syndrome
  • Damage to spleen
  • Liver damage
  • Damage to bowels
  • Hyperflexion
  • Compression
  • Neck hyperextension
  • Neck injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Spinal fracture
  • Broken ribs
  • Cervical spinal injury
  • Broken limbs
  • Hollow viscus injury
  • Death

The lap section of the seatbelt is meant to keep your body in place during a crash. It is supposed to restrain you by clenching your pelvis into the seat. The other points of contact are meant to keep you in one place, but the seatbelt has to stay in place to provide the protection necessary in an automobile crash. Seatbelt pretensions can take out the excess slack of the seatbelt. This uses the retraction section to keep the seatbelt in place when the car feels it is braking.

If the vehicle decelerates, the pretensioners grip the seatbelt and keep you from moving around in the car. It is as if the pretensioners can “sense” that an accident is coming, and hold you firm to avoid being injured in the upcoming accident. If the pretensioners or any component of the seatbelt is faulty, broken or defective, then the seatbelt unit will not work properly at all. In that event, you can be seriously injured in an accident, because the seatbelt will be ineffective to stop your movements in a car accident.

What Are the Product Liability Issues When the Seatbelt Came Off and Broke Off?

When a seatbelt is defective with a product liability issue, it does not protect you in a car accident. Most individuals who do have a seatbelt on in a crash, are able to be injured or killed less frequently, and thus are able to walk away from the accident with fewer serious injuries. A defective seatbelt will harm you, cause serious injuries during a crash, and can be the reason for a debilitating injury as the result of a car accident.

If a seatbelt stops working during a car accident, you can be thrown from the vehicle during the force of the car crash. If you are thrown from a vehicle because of being unrestrained during a car accident, you can be seriously injured or killed from going through a window in the vehicle from the force of the crash or accident. You can be forced out of the car through the windshield, can be dragged along by the car during the crash, or even become crushed and killed by your car if your body does not clear the path of other vehicles during a serious car accident.

Average Value of a Broken Seatbelt / Seatbelt Defect Injury Accident Lawsuit

The average value of a broken seatbelt case will be from $500,000 to up to $7 million. This is because a broken seatbelt can be the reason that a person is not restrained in a vehicle, at the time of a serious crash. The seatbelt components all work together to keep you safe in a car crash. If any one of these components is broken, defective or not working, then it will negate the seatbelt as a unit and you can be seriously injured in a car accident.

For example, the pretensioners on the seatbelt tighten the webbing or strap, which removes any slack in the belt during an accident with another vehicle. If the pretensioner does not work it will put your life in jeopardy during a car accident. The pretensioner uses the same sensor that is attached to the car airbag. It can sense if there is a rapid deceleration that is caused by a serious collision, and will hold you snug and firm in the event of a car accident. If this component of the seatbelt does not work properly because of a defective part, then the integrity of the entire seatbelt will be compromised. In short, the seatbelt won’t work properly and you will risk being seriously injured as a result.

Rotorooter Sexual Assault Lawyer attorney lawsuit sue compensation injury
How Much Do These Cases Settle For?

These cases can settle for anywhere between the amount of $500,000 – $6,5000,000. Your injuries will dictate what the case will settle for, and what final settlement package you will receive for your final recovery compensation package for the case.

What If There Are Seatbelt Failures in Ubers – Lyft – Rideshare – Rental Vehicles – Taxis – Used Cars Purchased – Friends Vehicle – U-Haul Truck, Can I Sue?

If you are in other vehicles or cars and there is a seatbelt defect that causes a failure, you can sue for the resulting personal injuries that you suffer as a result of that accident. You can be seriously injured when a seatbelt fails because of an inherent defect.

Yes, you can sue for a seat failure in:

  • Ubers
  • Lyfts
  • Rideshare vehicles
  • Rental vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Used cars that are purchased

What you need now is time to heal from your personal injuries, and also time to talk to our legal team about your personal injury lawsuit. You can call us at the DTLA Law Group, to talk to a lawyer about your defective seatbelt claim. We will connect you to a knowledgeable attorney who is ready to initiate a lawsuit on your behalf.

You need to talk to our lawyers with experience in managing and winning cases related to personal injuries with a defective seatbelt that unlatched during an auto accident. Call us today to start the process, we are waiting to take your call.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee every day of the week. That means that you don’t have to pay us any money up front, for us to start your claim and initiate your lawsuit for you. Just give us a call today, and review your case with us for a defective seatbelt that unlatched during an auto accident.

Free Second Opinion

You are able to get a free second opinion from our law office, when you call us at the DTLA Law Group right now. You will feel extremely comfortable talking to an experienced attorney in Los Angeles on our legal team, and you can call us this morning to get the legal advice you need today for a defective seatbelt claim after an accident with serious personal injuries.

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You are free to call us today for a free consultation, regarding your personal injury claim for an accident that included a defective seatbelt that unlatched during the crash. You can talk to us right now, and we will listen to your concerns. Call today, and don’t delay!


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