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You Can Sue Facebook for Permanent Brain Damage!?

You Can Sue Facebook for Permanent Brain Damage!? Are you a Facebook Addict?  Daniel a 14 hours per day Facebook junkie Says NO!   Brain damage can be caused by excessive drug use.  And According to researchers Facebook is a more potent, addictive drug then cigarettes and even alcohol.   So if Facebook leads to brain damage can you sue Facebook for providing a drug that leads to your brain being damaged.   Facebook addiction is also known as FAD or Facebook Addiction Disorder.   According to researchers FAD can be as strong as any other chemical addiction, from Cocaine, to Nicotine, and  Crystal Methamphetamine.    According to these researches   “Despite the reputation for being addictive, alcohol and cigarettes generated lower levels of desire than the urge to check social networks.  That is a good question; one that may be answered by Brain damage attorneys who are adept and knowledgeable in the newest and most advanced fields of personal injury law.   If you are attempting to hire a personal injury lawyer be careful.  The law has yet to reach as far as face book addictions…
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