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Prescription Drug Death: Better to Take Your Chances in Baghdad

Prescription Drug Death: Better to Take Your Chances in Baghdad
Prescription drug deaths

Medication Errors

A Los Angeles area doctor from Rowland Heights was arrested today, March 1, 2012, for the deaths of three patients due to prescription overdoses. While liability in both civil and criminal courts has not been determined, the issue highlights a growing problem in the medical profession. Statistics are showing an increasing number of deaths related to medication errors and improper diagnosis of patients. According to certain statistical data deaths related to prescription drug overdoses out-number deaths related to car accidents. Today’s myriad of prescription drugs prescribed to patients highlight a growing problem in both the medical and legal field. “Feel good doctors” are only fueling a growing epidemic causing young teenagers to misuse often potent and dangerous prescription drugs. Many young adults fail to recognize the dangers associated with the improper use of prescription medication as well as its long term dangers. While many of the prescription drugs are beneficial, it is when they are misused or improperly prescribed that dangers arise. Failing to recognize that simply because a professional prescribed the medication does not always make it safe, and the combination of multiple drugs can lead to often fatal outcomes. Even though the benefits of these drugs often outweigh the many harms it does not negate the often devastating results from either misuse or improper prescriptions. If you or your family have been a victim of medication errors or any related type injury call Downtown LA Law for a free consultation.
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