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Paying for a Lawyer – Should I Settle the Case myself or Hire an Attorney

Paying for a Lawyer – Should I Settle the Case myself or Hire an Attorney I often get asked why you should employ an attorney to handle your accident case. Unfortunately some clients feel that they can handle the case themselves and begin negotiating with the insurance companies themselves, only to realize that they are greatly unmatched. However, by the time they come back to us, they have already harmed the value of the case substantially. In cases where clients attempt to negotiate insurance settlements, they have harmed the value of their own case. Many times statements made to the insurance company will be used to limit or deny liability in your case.

I can settle the case myself, why do I need a lawyer?

The truth is you can settle the case yourself. However, it is not only about settling the case, it is about maximizing your value and getting fair compensation for your injuries. Knowing the extent of your injuries and properly presenting an argument for such damages is critical to the success of your case. However, what often times happens is you mistakenly reveal or disclose more information then you should to the insurance companies. Information which should not be disclosed as it is not related to the case. As a result you will be potentially limiting any amount of recovery you will be given. So while you can settle the case yourself, it is being able to maximize the value and pursue a sizeable claim for damages. This is very critical, particularly if you have been seriously injured. While insurance companies will attempt to offer monies for your damages,  you must always consider what your case is worth with regards to your claim.

Upfront fees and costs, it’s too expensive to get a lawyer

Lawyers can be costly, but that is not applicable in personal injury cases. Remember, most personal injury lawyer work on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that you will not be required to pay any fees upfront for the legal work performed on your case. In fact fees are only charged when a successful settlement is achieved. Our offices do not charge file fees or other miscellaneous office fees. We do not take a percentage of your property damage claim and will often help you handle that without any additional cost. Our philosophy is simple, provide the best care and attention to your client and keep them informed about the status of the case. As a result you will never find a long or complicated agreement and will be treated fairly. Our no win, no fee promise allows you to rest assured that we will assist you in every step of the way and fight to make sure a sizeable recovery is achieved.

What if I decide to get a lawyer at a later time?

You can always get a lawyer for your case, but remember time and statements made to the insurance company are critical. First, time is important because if a long period of time passes before you decide to pursue anything, then  your case can be damaged. The reason is because many of your statements will be recorded and scrutinized at a later time. Depending on what statements were made it is still possible to obtain an attorney after you have already attempted to settle the case. We often times get cases were our clients attempted to settle on their own only to obtain a personal injury attorney at a later point. More Information: Fees and Costs of Hiring Our Law Firm to Represent You Learn More About our Law Firm

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