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Office Chair Defects | Realspace Soho Prestigo High Back Leather Chair

Office Chair Defects | Realspace Soho Prestigo High Back Leather Chair Realspace Soho Prestigo High Back Leather Chairs were voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer for being found defective. It has been reported that over 8,000 units have been recalled after reports of injuries from falling. In all there were over 78 incidents reported regarding injuries. True Innovations the manufacturer of the product has requested that users not use the product until a safety kit is issued. Injuries from falling from a chair can cause significant back, neck and muscular injuries. Depending the angle of the fall and type of surface, injured parties can suffer serious injuries. For example falling on a concrete surface is likely to produce a greater impact or injury. According to the manufacturer the SKU or item number of the product is 181-265 which is affixed to the label of the product. Manufacturers including True Innovation can be held liable when they put into the commercial chain of sale a defective product. If you or your loved ones have sustained injuries as a result of using such a product speak to a defective product attorney at Downtown L.A. Law.  Speak to our office chair defect attorneys today for a free case evaluation.
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