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More US Jobs for the Unemployed Means More Injuries on the Job

More US Jobs for the Unemployed Means More Injuries on the Job Good news today for those who have been unemployed and have not been able to re-enter the workforce.  The United States Economy created more than 243,000 jobs in January.  And as a result of the rise in job creation there has been a drop in the unemployment rate down to 8.3%. With a rise in new jobs there will most surely lead to a rise in the number of injuries in the workplace.  Manufacturing jobs have historically seen the greatest number of employment injuries in the United States.  The reason for a rise in job related injuries is those people new on the job often do not know the many safety precautions one should make to maintain a safe work environment.  Also, many employers neglect to proved proper employee safety instructions to those new on the job.  If you have been injured on the job it is important to contact a  workplace personal injury lawyer.  The reason is that work injury lawyer will be able to give you the highest maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries. Also a job injury attorney will be able to provide you with guidance as to how to negotiate with your works insurance company in order to receive the highest compensation legally available for your injuries.
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