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Is Komen paying for Underage Abortions? Planned Parenthood

Is Komen paying for Underage Abortions?  Planned Parenthood Since 1982 Komen for the Cure has invested nearly 2 BILLION Dollars in attempting to save lives from the treachery of Breast cancer. But as part of its charity work Komen has provided ten of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, an entity that provide healthcare to woman which includes providing free abortion to woman and in some cases teenagers. So has Komen been funding the abortion of children through it funding of Planned Parenthood? Well it depends on how you look at it. The funding to Planned Parenthood was specifically for funding breast cancer diagnosis and was not in any way used to pay for the abortion of the unborn. So in this way yo can say no. However one can say that the funding given to Planned Parenthood displaced money that was going to be used by Planned Parenthood for Breast cancer treatment thus freeing that money to be used elsewhere in the Planned Parenthood Program. One of those medical treatments could have been the funding of abortions. So in this way one can say YES Komen is paying for underage Abortions conducted by Planned Parenthood. If so then is Komen liable for Medical Malpractice if the funding it provided to Planned parenthood was used in an abortion that because of the negligence of the doctor performing it lead to the death of the pregnant mother and or serious bodily harm to the pregnant female? If you have been injured as a result a doctors action you may be able to recover for Medical Malpractice. If so I advise you to contact a Los Angeles Medical Malpractice Lawyer which will help you receive compensation for your injuries.
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