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Hawaii Fires Injury Claims – Lawyer for Maui Wildfire Victims

Hawaii Fires Injury Claims Lawyer for Maui Wildfire Victims attorney sue lasuit compensation liability

Staring from August 8, 2023, the island of Maui in Hawaii was devastated by a series of wildfires that began when utility lines by the Hawaiian Electric Company fell to the ground. The power lines were blown off by high winds in the area, and the resulting fire spread throughout the day, causing massive devastation to the town of Lahaina.

Evacuation efforts using all available federal resources were ordered by President Biden, but 115 lives have already been lost. Around 2,000 structures were destroyed as well, along with other forms of property damage. Many of those who survived the fires have serious injuries, including burns, respiratory distress, and toxic chemical exposure.

It will take further investigation to determine exactly who is responsible for the devastation that swept through Maui. We do know for certain that the collapse of electrical lines due to high winds started a fire on the morning of August 8th. But why was the fire allowed to spread throughout the island and cause so much damage to the residents of Lahaini and surrounding communities?

As someone that was injured in the Hawaii wildfires, you may have the right to sue the responsible parties for monetary compensation. This is essential to recovering from your injuries, restoring your finances, and moving forward from this harrowing chapter in your life. For more information from a Hawaii fires injury claims lawsuit attorney, contact our office as soon as possible.

Hawaii Fires Injury Claims Lawyer for Maui Wildfire Victims attorney lawyer compensation incident sue
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Liability for the Wildfires in Hawaii

Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Hawaiian Electric by the County of Maui. The power company fired back with their own accusations against the county, prompting a “war of words” between the two entities, according to news sources. To understand each side’s point of view, here is a brief outline:

  • On the morning of August 8, high winds caused power lines to fall in Maui, which both sides acknowledge was the initial cause of the fire.
  • Firefights from Maui County reported to the scene and declared that the fire was 100% contained by 9:55 AM.
  • Later in the afternoon, the fire reignited and swept through the town of Lahaina. At least 115 people were killed, and countless people sustained injuries along with massive property damage.
  • According to Maui County officials, Hawaiian Electric is liable for the damage, as they failed to shut off power to the lines after the initial blaze.
  • Hawaiian Electric has called these claims “factually and legally irresponsible,” and says that the county failed to contain the fire to begin with, thus allowing it to spread.

Lawyers for both sides are hotly debating who is responsible for these fires. This is an important issue, as injury victims and their loved ones need to know who they can sue for their harm and suffering. Ultimately, West Maui is left with billions of dollars in damage when you consider the injuries and property loss to its residents. One thing we can be sure of is that negligence by one or more parties is the reason for this catastrophic incident.

Our goal is to help as many injury victims as possible in their fight for justice. Don’t hesitate to contact is you are suffering from the effects of burn injuries, smoke inhalation injuries, and falling debris injuries from the recent wildfires in Maui.

Monetary Restitution from a Hawaii Fires Injury Claim

If you are eligible for a compensation claim, there are numerous payments we may be able to recover on your behalf. The exact damages you qualify to receive will depend on your injuries and how they’ve affected your life. Here are the categories of compensation that generally apply in personal injury lawsuits, whether you are suing a government entity or a private company:

  • Cost of medical treatments, services, and medications
  • Future / lifetime care costs for those with severe injuries
  • Lost income from your job / business 
  • Future lost wages if you have permanent injuries that impact your ability to work
  • Compensation for damaged or lost property
  • Non-economic damages: mental anguish, pain and suffering, etc.
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Punitive damages 
Hawaii Fires Injury Claims Lawyer for Maui Wildfire Victims Attorney compensation lawyer attorney sue
Our Law Firm is Ready to Assist You

There is no legal requirement in terms of hiring a lawyer to proceed with an accident injury claim. So, what are the advantages of working with a law firm if you’ve been harmed by the recent fires in Hawaii?

First, there’s no denying that these are extremely complicated legal actions, where liability may be split among various entities. Maui County and Hawaiian Electric will devote their energies to pointing the finger at each other, not helping the many victims whose lives are forever changed by their actions. Our loyalty, on the other hand, is to you and the compensation you deserve. We are more than ready to investigate your case and get to the root of whom and what is responsible for your injuries.

In addition, you will need advice on the legal actions that are available to you. There is the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit on your own, and this may be the right choice for those with severe injuries and extensive damage to their property. On the other hand, it’s likely that many of the victims will join together in a class action if they suffered similar injuries as a result of the fires. We can help you understand each of these options and answer any questions you have on your mind. As an example, here are some questions that we can help you with during a free case evaluation:

  • If I am entitled to monetary damages, how much can I recover from a Hawaii fires injury lawsuit?
  • What is the expected timeline to receive payment from one of these cases?
  • How much time do I have to file a lawsuit for injuries or property damage from the Maui wildfires?

We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply give us a call and ask to speak with a wildfire accident injury attorney if you or someone you know was injured in the Hawaii wildfires.  

Legal Advice from a Lawyer with Experience in Natural Disaster Injury Cases

Right now, you have enough to worry about as you struggle to regain your health and rebuild everything you’ve worked for. The cost of hiring a lawyer is the last thing you should have to deal with, especially when you were hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence. We are here to protect accident victims, not add to their burdens. That’s why we charge $0 upfront if you are in need of legal representation as a Hawaii wildfires accident victim.

As a contingency-based law firm, we ensure that all legal fees are charged to the party you are suing. That means we get paid at the same time you do. If we don’t secure the settlement you deserve, our Zero Fee Guarantee is our promise to you that you won’t receive any bills from us.

Simply give us a call at your earliest convenience to learn about your rights and legal options if you suffered injuries during the Hawaii wildfires.

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