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Giant Sea Monster Discovered in New Zealand

Giant Sea Monster Discovered in New Zealand

Whoa Nellie!

The Attorneys at Downtown LA Law would like to send heartfelt Congratulations to the discovery of a giant never before found sea monster of the shores of New Zealand.   The sea monster, a gargantuan prawn was discovered a few days ago off the shores of New Zealand in the cambric trench.   The ‘supergiant amphipod’, measures almost 12 inches in length, according to scientists it is 10 TIMES the size of the normal species.   According to researchers the monster prawn lives in the deepest part of a trench running along the coast of New Zealand.  Its color is pale white and a bit translucent since there virtually no lights in the deep waters of the pacific and thus no need for color.   The important question is as always, how it would taste if cooked.  Most surely if food poisoning takes place as a result of a restaurant preparing such a dish a personal injury claim can be launched against the restaurant.   And if there is such a claim them most surely a personal injury lawyer will be on the case trying to create a new legal precedent.
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