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Dreadful Hit and Run in Woodland Hills injures 4 and Damages Three Vehicles

Dreadful Hit and Run in Woodland Hills injures 4 and Damages Three Vehicles Early Saturday at around 11:30 a driver in the Woodland Hills community of San Fernando Valley crashed into a car.  But instead of waiting for the proper authorities to arrive the driver fled the scene of the accident.   On his way to feeling the scene the driver crashed into two other cars injured a grand total of four persons. The crash took place on Ventura Boulevard and DeSoto Avenue; as a result to the crash their where three injuries serious enough so that hospitalization was necessary since they are according to the hospital in critical condition. The Hit and Run Car was a Chrysler Sebring, the other cars that were involved in the hut and run incident were Mercedes that was rear ended and a Toyota Avalon.  The middle aged man in the Toyota Avalon is under special hospital care as he is under critical condition resulting from his car accident injuries.  According to witnesses a total of Six ambulances and more than three dozen firefighters responded to the call. If captured the hit and run driver can receive multiple criminal counts from assault with a deadly weapon, to fleeing the scene of an accident.  Those who witnessed the incident say they are luck to be alive.  Those who have been injured as a result of this incident are able to receive compensation for their injuries in the hit and run accident.  It is important however that they receive counseling or representation from a local skilled woodland hills personal injury attorney.  Compensation for hit and run accident and secondary hit and run accident may be more difficult to achieve since the acts fo the driver may have been beyond the scope of the insurance policy.
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