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Slip and Fall Accidents: When Gravity Claims Human Lives

There are many kinds of accidents that can cause injury to a person, ranging from simple collisions with objects to more biological and physiological causes. In more severe cases, death becomes the aftermath of an unexpected disaster that sometimes could have been completely avoided. Among the simplest, but the most dangerous and potentially life threatening of these accidents, are slip and fall accidents. What can technically be considered as a slip and fall accident? It is any accident or unfortunate event that involves slipping or tripping that caused physical damage to a person. So, when you trip or fall anywhere, it can technically be considered as a slip and fall accident. However, the term is usually reserved in common law as a mishap that could be caused by the negligence of another party.

Causes of Injury

The culprit of course is none other than gravity. When a person gets hit by a relatively fast moving vehicle, it receives the energy from the force delivered by the vehicle during motion. In slip and fall accidents, gravity is the force that causes a person to “collide” with the ground. Height and acceleration of the moving body aren’t the only factors observed, but the position of the body during impact and the risks posed by surrounding objects as well.

Level and Severity of Injury

The level and severity of the injury of course, depends on how the person fell. It could be as simple as lightly hitting your back against the ground, or as serious as breaking a few bones. When viewed from a technical perspective, slip and fall accidents may seem even ridiculous, but one must remember that it could always be fatal, even if you’re not particularly falling quickly from a high place.

Deciding on the Source of Negligence

Common social views and pressures usually see the victim as the source of negligence. However, the victim may legally claim that the accident was actually caused by negligence of some other party, if they have enough evidence to prove such claim. Usually, alternative sources of negligence in slip and fall accidents are people who are directly related to the place where the accident took place, like store owners for example, or janitors who were on-duty at the time of the accident. If you need to prove your innocence and have a firm basis for a lawsuit, then Downtown LA Law can have you covered. Providing the best legal services on personal injury, they can help you win a slip and fall claim, protecting not only your dignity, but your financial status as well. Take a few minutes to give us a call here at Downtown LA Law today, so that we can discuss matters about your claim in detail. We guarantee you the quality and caliber of our legal services.
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