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Trash removal turns into potential lawsuit in Philadelphia

Trash removal turns into potential lawsuit in Philadelphia Since when does taking out the trash result in a lawsuit? This seems to be the case for a Philadelphia business owner. Ori Feibush made multiple call to city officials to have the 40 tons of trash in a vacant lot next to his business removed. When the city failed to do so, he decided to do it himself. As a result Mr. Feibush apparently spent over $20,000 of his own money to have the trash removed and for beautification efforts. After installing trees and benches on the property, Mr. Feibush was sent a fine by the city for littering and a subsequent letter threatening legal action. City officials are requesting that he revert the lot back to its original condition in order to avoid legal action. Rather than thanking him for spending his own money to improve property values and get rid of a potentially dangerous health hazard, he has been hit with a threatening letter. Rather than promoting and praising the initiatives of this resident the City of Philadelphia is sending a clear message. It is not in the interest of public officials to discourage this type of voluntary contribution by residents. To help the cause supporters have started a petition at, join the movement and send the message.
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