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Robotic Surgery Class Action Lawsuit 2014

Robotic Surgery Class Action Lawsuit 2014 Our law firm is investigating possible class action and singe party claims against the manufacturers of the Da Vinci Robotic surgery devices for injuries resulting from the use of the defective surgical inurnment. Common post surgical harmful complication which may arise include
  • Puncturing and burning of vital organs including the intestines.
  • Puncturing of blood vessels and arteries including the bile duct during gallbladder removal procedures.
  • Laceration and puncturing of the uterine wall.
Such injuries can result in severe bowel movement complications, loss of fertility, fistulas, requirement for additional revision surgeries, and fatalities. Seeking Legal Assistance: Our law firm is proud to represent individual who have been harmed due to the use of defective medical devices including the Da Vinci robotic system. If you or a loved one have sustained harm following a procedure where a robotic surgical device was used feel free to contact our law offices to receive a free no cost case evaluation. Robotic Surgery Injury and Product Liability Lawsuit: Post robotic surgery medical complication are usually based on a product liability cause of action. Such cased can be proven by showing the presence of one of these defects in the product. 1. Defect in the Original Design of the Device: This can be proven by showing the presence of a different design at the time of production that is significantly less harmful than the design put into production. 2. Defect in the Manufacturing Process of the Medical Instrument: So that the product released to the general public is markedly different and as a result poses a higher risk to the consumer than it original and intended design. 3. Labeling Defect: The failure of the manufacturer to properly warn of all known or knowable potential harms resulting from the use of the surgical tool. Joining a Class Action Lawsuit – What You Need To Know: Class action lawsuit take place when there is a numerically significant number of independent individual claims against a single defendant. Class action lawsuit require one of the plaintiff to acts as the class head and represent the claims of the other injured parties in the court of law. Robotic Surgery Medical Malpractice Claims: Some case involving harm due to the use of a robotic surgery can be bifurcated thus allowing for a medical malpractice claim on top of the preexisting defective product cause of action. A claim for surgical malpractice can be proven by showing a deviation on the part of the surgeon from the standard procedure of the medical community resulting in the injuries presented. Compensation Available for Victims of Robotic Surgery Injuries: Victims of harm due to a defective medical device or robotic device are entitled to full compensation for all harms suffered. The level of compensation in such cases is dependent on several significant factors. Some of the most important factors in determining an estimate value of your case include (1) The severity the harm suffered – level of injuries, (2) Current and future medical and health related costs associated from the harm suffered, (3) Pain and suffering resulting from the injury including emotional trauma and PTSD, (4) Lost wages and loss of future income due to the permanence of injuries, (5) Availability of other non-economic damage compensation including punitive damages. Free Attorney Consultation: If you have any further questions regarding joining a class action lawsuit or filing a single party claim against the manufacturers of defective robotic surgery devices feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529. All confidential legal consultations with our attorneys are provided free of charge.


my husband just had this sugerry everything they say is true. he is making a quick recovery and has been walking since the day after sugerry. not much pain or swelling. we would highly recommend this sugerry.

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