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LAPD Police Brutality Lawsuits- Del Taco Police Abuse Video

LAPD Police Brutality  Lawsuits- Del Taco Police Abuse Video Michele Jordan, a 34 year old mother and registered nurse was brutally manhandled by two Los Angeles Police Department officers in a Del Taco parking lot after she was pulled over by for talking on here cellular phone.  Jordan was charged with interfering and resisting arrest and released on her own recognizance. Cellular phone use during driving is a dangerous activity which results in distracted and inattentive driving and a high number of motor vehicle accident on Los Angeles roads and highways.  However such behavior should not be a Casus belli for LAPD officers to brutally punish the individual by manhandling and throwing a suspect to the ground. The use of excessive force by law enforcement is more widespread than many people realize.  There are dozens of similar incidence occurring every day in our nation.  The attention received in this case results from the existence of  the Del Taco’s security video which caught the incident.

Filing a lawsuit for assault and battery against the Los Angeles Police Department

Under California Laws a battery is defined as the actual physical contact, where there is some type of physical impact to the victim. Assault and battery including police brutality is generally categorized as a criminal offense; however certain victims of LAPD Civil Rights Abuses may be entitled to recovery when suffer harm. Injuries can include any both physical and emotional as well as recovery for loss of work and future loss of income.
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