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La Puente Man Dies In Motorcycle Crash

La Puente Man Dies In Motorcycle Crash Early Thursday morning proved to be tragic for a man who died as a result of a motorcycle crash. According to reports the crash took place at 9 a.m. in La Puenta California, at Fullerton Road and Arenth Avenue. The man who was 38 years of age, died when the vehicle made a left had turn in front of the motorcyclist. As  a result the motorcyclist was thrown from his bike and was pronounced dead at the scene. Who Is At Fault? Fault would likely be imposed on the driver of the vehicle. In such cases drivers are required to make sure that the lane is clear before making a left hand turn. Because the driver failed to properly negotiate his turn or time the distance, he would be liable. Insurance Information In this case the insurance company for the at fault driver will be responsible for the injuries. However, as in many motorcycle accident cases, there is always an issue with the amount of coverage available. If the at fault drivers insurance is minimal, then the under or uninsured insurance coverage of the motorcycle driver will be required to step forward. This is a public service announcement provided by Downtown L.A. Law’s motorcycle accident attorney.

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