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Jenni Rivera Family Suing Plane Owners and Operators

Jenni Rivera Family Suing Plane Owners and Operators Aviation accidents are not uncommon, but they are brought to the public eye when they claim the life of a soulful and popular singer such as Jenni Rivera. Today, January 10th 2013, the family of Jenni Rivera, the Latino music sensation announced that they will be bringing forth a lawsuit for damages against the operator of the plane. According to reports the plane is operated by Starwood Management and could have crashed due to improper or negligent care and or operation. As with many time share or private jet rental companies, the operator is often charged with the legal duty to properly maintain the aircraft. Failure to do so holds them liable for negligence. A claim for negligence will hold the operator liable when they failed to perform their in a below standard manner. This includes failing to check or inspect the aircraft/jet before it was cleared for any flight. While the entire report and investigation has not been concluded, it is likely that some malfunction is to blame for the fatal crash. Other possible causes for aircraft crashes can include pilot oversight or negligence or possibly a product liability claim for injuries. Product liability claims are against the manufacturer of the product or equipment. For example if the navigation equipment failed, it can be a possible defective product cause of action against the manufacturer of the product. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another contact Downtown L.A. Law for a free case evaluation.

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