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Immigration Law

Immigration Law Whether it is immigration issues such as facing deportation or being placed on an “ICE” hold or applying for a B1 work visa, BCC visa, student via, green card or applying for permanent citizenship our offices are here to assist you in every step of the way. We also work with those who are applying for religious oriented visas, or R visas, vocational visas both F and M, occupation visas, H-1B and tourism and vacation visas, B-2 visas. Our bi-lingual staff can help you in guiding you through the various immigration laws as well as the latest immigration reform issues. Our offices are capable handling cases dealing with petitions for citizenship, applications for student visas as well other immigration related issues. We strongly believe in our client’s rights and will diligently pursue your petitions and act expeditiously to handle all matters. Generally, most immigration issues can be resolved with proper representation with an attorney who is abreast to the latest immigration issues. Downtown LA Law can assist you with all of your immigration needs.  


US citizen relative to be placed on ICE hold after prison sentence. Is this something of concern? Please advise

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