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Costco Freon Leak in Glendale AZ: Many Hospitalized

Costco Freon Leak in Glendale AZ:  Many Hospitalized More than a dozen shoppers required treatment or hospitalization after a freon leak in a Costco in Glendale Arizona. According to Glendale police and fire crew, the leak forced the evacuation of Costco and other nearby stores. The leak took place in  Arrowhead Towne Center, a large shopping mall which including an AMC movie theater, Sear’s and Dillard’s. According to Costco staff the leak emanated from the refrigerator unit which was being serviced at the time. According to reports there were more than 2,000 shopper inside Costco at the time of the forced evacuation. HAZMAT crews on the scene of the incident were able to remedy the leakage of freon. Costco crew were required to evacuate the premises as well, but have since been allowed back into the store. Most of those treated for respiratory irritation have been released from treatment.

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