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Bank robbers kidnap bank manager strap her with bomb in Los Angeles

Bank robbers kidnap bank manager strap her with bomb in Los Angeles On Tuesday night two bank robbers kidnapped the bank manager held her over night and in the morning forced her to go to her bank and instructed her to rob it. According to the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) ” A device was strapped to the woman’s body” – she was told that the device was an explosive and was, “ordered to go into the bank , take out all the money.”  Continuing the LAPD official stated, “She did do that in fear of her life.” The suspects drove off with the loot is was is described by witnesses as a white Kia.  There is no information as to the amount of money stolen and the whereabouts of the suspects. Such incidents can lead to serious emotional trauma which can be manifested in Depression, Anxiety disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and suicidal behavior.  The victim, described by the police as frantic and crying, has been questioned by the police. After such an incident it is vital that she undertakes counseling and treatment for various post incident conditions. Here at the Downtown LA Law Firm we have represented many clients who have suffered emotional trauma resulting from serious accidents and acts of violence at the hands of robbers, abusers, school officials, and guardians.  We understand the difficulty faced by such individuals and would like to send our sincerest wishes that the victims of such a horrendous crime are well and safe.
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