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Nail Salon Beauty Salon Toxic Polish Exposure Attorney

Nail polish is a staple at nail salons in Southern California, with over 48,000 establishments in California the nail salon industry services millions of customers annually. Nail polishes come in unique colors, however one constant in the chemical makeup of such products. While all nail polishes are not toxic, recent investigative reports have shown that many nail polishes, despite stating they are toxin free tested positive for a number of harmful chemicals. According to reports the chemicals found in such nail products can have hazardous impacts not just on the end consumer, but also on nail technicians who inhale fumes and chemicals during the workday. Our nail polish toxic injury attorneys can help with your recovery so contact us today 855-385-2529 for a free case evaluation.

Symptoms of Nail Polish Exposure Injury

Nail polish exposure is a job hazard for the nail technicians, however many customers and employees fail to realize that certain products that claim to be toxic free do in-fact contain such harmful chemicals. According to reports a particular combination of chemicals can have extreme health impacts, such chemicals include:
  • Toluene;
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP); and
  • Formaldehyde
This combination of chemicals or anyone of them alone can cause severe ailments, particularly if the patron is pregnant or has a pre-existing condition. However, the problem stems with the inadequate labels on products which are supposed to be “toxic free”. When companies fail to adequately label the product then the users can have a cause of action for product liability from not only the manufacturer of the product, but the service provider i.e. nail salon, barber shop, for the sale or distribution of the product.

General symptoms of exposure to the chemicals listed above include:

  • Asthma;
  • Birth defects associated with use of such products while pregnant;
  • Eye irritation; and
  • Throat irritation or burning.
While this is not a conclusive list of all possible side effects, we recommend that our offices be contacted immediately in order to determine whether you have a case and the proper doctors, physicians and experts be assigned to your case for further evaluation. Our firm charges the client absolutely nothing unless we are successful in our efforts. Our consultation is absolutely free and we are committed to helping our clients.

Nail Salon Liability Laws and Lawsuits

Nail salons are generally not liable with regards to products which are defective, however when the nail salon is engaged in the sale of such products at a retail level they will be considered a merchant of the product. Merchants are held liable to the same degree as the manufacturer and can be held accountable for the distribution or sale of defective products. A nail salon may also be liable when they fail to provide adequate warnings to there customers regarding the presence of harmful chemicals which have the potential of being toxic. Nail salons like any other business owe there clients a duty to warn of dangerous conditions on the property, and the presence of toxic chemicals would be considered a dangerous condition on the property.   When a nail salon fails to offer proper ventilation, sanitized instruments and warnings to there clients regarding the presence of harmful chemicals, then they will be liable for the harm caused. If you suffer from any conditions resulting from toxic chemical exposure at a nail salon then contact our offices today for an absolutely free consultation.

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