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Motorcyclist Killed In Freeway 110 Accident

Motorcyclist Killed In Freeway 110 Accident Freeway 110 is slated to reopen after a deadly motorcycle accident on Sunday afternoon. According to the California Highway Patrol, the driver drove his 2000 Harley Davidson motorcycle into the bus lane, crashing into sand-filled yellow containers.  Officials responding to the scene of the deadly accident identified the man as 55-year-old Darrell Harrison from Alta Loma California.  A CHP statement indicated that Harrison attempted to apply his breaks, yet was unable to “stop safely.” The accident shut down all northbound traffic on the 110 free way going up to Downtown Los Angeles. Motorcycle accidents on freeways can be especially deadly because of the high speeds of traffic. Wrongful Death Lawsuits by Relatives of Victim killed in Motorcycle Accident:  Motorcycle accident have a much higher probability of leading to accident deaths. California Civil Procedure section 377.60-377.62 outlines wrongful death and who can bring a lawsuit for injuries. The following parties can bring forth a claim for a wrongful death lawsuit:
  • The surviving spouse, domestic partner or child can bring a lawsuit. If no such persons exist then the surviving relatives would be able to step in their place in bring a cause of action.
  • Minors can bring a cause of action if they lived at the residence of the deceased for 180 days prior to the incident and depended on the deceased party for half of their income or support.
  • Domestic partners who were in a registered domestic partnership under the family code.
Here at Downtown LA Law Group we understand the tragic loss of a loved one is often times difficult to deal with. The last thing you want to do is bring back memories and deal with this type of lawsuit. Our firm can help alleviate your concerns. We are client centric firm and make sure that we understand what our clients would like to accomplish before we accept a case. Our office can aid you in better understanding what can be done. Holding the responsible party at fault can also be important when there are medical expenses piling up. In California the spouse or estate of the deceased can be liable for medical costs incurred. As a result the estate and the loved ones of the deceased party can end up owing large sums of money for medical care. This should not be your responsibility. While money will never be a substitute or repair the damage it can make the financial issues more easy to deal with.

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