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St. Jude Heart Valve Settlements – Average Cave Value for Defective Implants

St. Jude Heart Valve Settlements – Average Cave Value for Defective Implants The St. Jude Silzone mechanical heart valve implants manufactured by St. Jude Medical has been associated with dangerous medical side effects including heart failure, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, blood clots and pulmonary embolism. One of the most common questions clients ask our questions regarding their claim revolves around the potential settlement value attributed to their injuries including, “how much will my case settle for,” or “what is the potential value of my case.” Value of a St. Jude Heart Valve Case:  Cases involving the St, Jude Heart Valve have settled for between $150,000 and $200,000. However, every individual case is unique comprising of a varied set of factors which play a significant role in the determining the value of a claim. A brief description of important factors in a case which play an important part in determining the overall value of a settlement or jury verdict is provided below. Legal Help: If you have any further questions after reading this article feel free to contact our defective product law offices.

Factors in Determining the Value of a St. Jude Silzone Mechanical Heart Valve Case

1.  The extent and magnitude of the injuries suffered: By far the most important component of a defective product case with respect to its settlement value is the type of injuries suffered. St. Jude mechanical heart valves have been linked to severe side effects including pulmonary embolism, heart failure, thrombosis, stroke and blood clots. 2.  Economic Damages – Including Lost Wages and Loss of Future Income: Individual who are unable to work have the right to seek compensation for lost wages from all at fault parties. A calculation of a loss of future income capacity will require the use of a vocational expert which will determine a victims ability to earn an income. 3.  Economic Damages – All Present and Future Medical and Rehabilitation Expenses:  In many instance individual who suffer strokes and other pulmonary complications require long term medical and rehabilitation care. 4. Non-Economic Damage – Including Pain and Suffering, Mental Anguish: Victims of personal injury are entitled to compensation for the mental trauma and physical pain they suffer as a result in the negligent or wrongful action of liable parties. There are several ways with which to calculate pain and suffering in a product liability cause of action. The Per-Diem basis places a daily monetary value for the suffering an individual is exposed to and multiplies that amount by the number of day that person is likely to suffer. 5. Availability of Punitive Damages: Under Common law victims of personal injury may be able to receive punitive damages on top of any compensation for actual harms suffered. Punitive damages are designed to place a heavy burden on the liable company for the purposes of eliminating future harmful action. Generally in product liability cases involving defective surgical implants punitive damages are awarded when the manufacturing company knew or should have known of the harms associated with the use of their products but failure to properly warn consumers or remove the product in a timely fashion. Further Information: Statute of Limitations for Filing a St. Jude Mechanical Heart Valve Lawsuit


14 years ago I had my aortic valve replaced. 3 months ago my valve threw clot and I had a stroke. 2 weeks ago, it threw clots again and I had another stroke. This is a st judes mechanical valve. It seems to in the future to need to be replaced. The reason I chose the mechanical valve was so I would not ave to go through open heart surgery again. Now I will be facing this surgery again. The serial number of this valve is 80548295 and model number is 23AJ-501 if that helps you any. Thanks you!


on September 20th 2013 I had open heart surgery to replace my Aorta Value with a mechanical value. this value has been leaking since I had the surgery. I’m having a hard time breathing and get fatigue and tired and since having the surgery I have been having gas problems with my stomach it hurts real bad. 12 weeks ago I had to go to the hospital because I couldn’t breath so I spent 4 days in ICU and another 3 telemathy. why I was in there they performed a TTE Scan and found the leak. I asked them how bad was it they told me not to worry it would not kill me. Dr.Ghazoul did the surgery on me the first time told me he wanted another TTE scan done. on 5/1/2014 I had it done again at Chandler Regional Hospital in Chandler Arizona. they told me I have a moderate leak and they need to talk about it again mean while I am having a hard time breathing and feel real weak. on the 20th of this month it will be 8 months and I can’t no one to say we can fix it. I have called Dr. Ghazouls office many of times. they told me I would be a new person that never happen. Value serial no. 85136016 model no. 23AHPJ-505 ST. Jude Medical St. Paul, MN


I had just had an opportunity en heart surgery because my Myers valve was ripped buy the way it was. Put in and. By pins that came loose .
I was then told to do surgery and place it with at just microfiche valve .
Now I feel complete hopeless helpless dwpresse


My mom passed away in 2001 from what they said was congestive heart 1995 she had open heart surgery and replaced a valve with the st jes heart valve. 2 weeks before her death she was hospitalized because of so much fluid around her geart.we were never notified or told of the recall on the heart valve.pkease tell me that this is a kawsuit… I mean I no longer have a mom,my dad has no wife,and my daughters have no grandma now


My husband had open heart surgery in Oct. 2011 and they put in a St Jude valve in and in 2019 the valve was leaking so they had to replace the valve. The poor man suffered with swollen ankles and was unable to breath. Hope I hear from you.


I had a giogenetic heart valve on Oct 25th 2017 installed a Penn hospital in Philly i just had to have valve replaced in only 22month pathology said no disease or growths valve flaps tore liquid leaking into my body and could not breath had full surgery including rerouting of bypass valve is a trifecta gt tissue heart valve serial # 180363430 model#tfgt-23a implant date 25/oct/2017 i have occurred lost wages also


I left above scenario never heard back

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