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Nerve Injury caused by IV Infiltratoin and Venipuncture

Permanent nerve damage to the hand is one of the most common medical complications resulting from the negligent insertion of IV devices by medical practitioners in hospital and clinics across the country. Parties which may be liable for such injuries may including the hospital staff including registered nurses, medical doctors (practicing physicians / residents) and the hospital itself for negligent hiring and training practices. Victims of medical malpractice are entitled to full and just recovery for their injuries including hospitalization costs, lost wages and loss of income as well as pain and suffering. To speak with an attorney regarding the filing of a possible claim contact our Law Firm (855)385-2529

Peripheral Nerve Injury caused by Venipuncture -or Insertion of IV solution into the arms or hands:

Nerve injuries due to venipuntcure mishaps can be permanent resulting in the complete or partial loss of sensation, loss of motor function in the hands and arms and in some cases extreme long term pain. Nerves in the arms and hands are extremely susceptible to damage and are connected to the brain via the spinal cord providing the hand and arms with sensation and the ability to move. There are three degrees or classifications of nerve damage, neuropaxia, axonotmesis, and neurotmesis.  The most severe types of nerve damage can result in the complete lacerations of the axons of the nerve requiring extensive medical intervention including revision surgery. Other treatments for nerve damage may include
  • Physical therapy including rehabilitation
  • Message therapy and Acupuncture
  • The use of medication
  • Nerve Graft surgery
  • Nerve transfer surgery
Sadly in some instance the nerves that have sustained extreme damages cannot be repaired sufficiently via the use of therapy or surgical methods. These patients will have to withstand permanent pain, discomfort and the loss of mobility to arms and hands.
Other Injuries Caused by the Negligent Insertion of IV’s and Venipunture: In many instances victims of IV insertion malpractice experience multiple medical complications other that nerve damage. Other severe complications may include
  • CRPS – complex regional pain syndrome
  • Air embolism
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Compartment Syndrome
  • Serious infection

Filing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Medical Malpractice claims can be challenging requiring expert knowledge of the law as well a caring nature for clients who have suffered greatly. Our law firm is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of those who have suffered from the medical negligence of hospitals, nurses and practicing medical doctors. To speak to an attorney regarding your claim contact our  Law Offices at (855)385-2529. All consultations with our litigators is free of charge.


today, I got my regular, every-2-months remicaide infusion at my rheumatologist’s office for a disabling case of arthritis. it went badly this time. the doc said the infusion was “blown” or the vein was “blown.” I caught it, not them. (I think you call this infiltration?) they terminated the infusion, and apparently none too soon: i got a misshapen small baseball-sized lump near my left bicep. I have no severe symptoms.: only some pain, and the swelling. the doc gave me anti-inflammatory samples and sent me home. my concern is, can there be damage from this that can manifest itself later? I know you’re not doctors. but one of my questions is, if I were your client, what kind of specialist would you send me to for diagnosis on this, if any? thanks!


Can chronic nerve damage be caused from botched up vein surgery. If so how to prove? This bain continues for 8 months, actually getting worse!!


My name is Kate.
My son had CT scan in the hospital that I work.
The radiologist who performed the procedure put the contrast in his leg vein which did not have a blood return.
When the contrast was injected through the mal working vein, my son shouted to say he was in pain but they did not stop
infusing the contrast through his vein.
The contrast was infiltrated in his leg muscle and damaged a nerve.
In the consequency, his leg is disabled. He cannot feel anything on his leg and cannot walk, cannot band ankle
with severe pain, redness, swelling.
I am really desparated.
He will be graduating dental school in 2-3 months.
But with this disability, he might not be able to graduate the dental school since he requires to have experiences certain patients who he can
see now with this incident.
My complaints are
The doctor did not explain the possibility of this result to my son.
The doctor did not get consent from my son about the possible side reaction of the infilration of the contrast.
The technician in the radiologic department did not see blood return from the IV site but still they pushed the contrast.
When the contrast started infusing , my son shouted and asked them ” It hurts ” more than three times but they continued to push the contrast.
If it hurts, it means the contrast in not going into the vein. If it is going into the vein, it will not be hurt.

If the result is just minor , I will not complain since my son is a student of this hospital and I am a worker here.

But the result is too big lost .
He might not be able to perform his job and he might not be able to have a job with his disability.
An orthopedist said that his perioneal nerve is sleeping and takes long to go back to normal.
But when I researched the perioneal nerve damage, the result is not that optimistic.
Please help us



Had a triple lumen catheter placed for surgery on June 15. Complained to several nurses that my thigh was swollen and numb,they acted as if there was no problem. And continued to use this site. When it was taken out on discharge,it was still numb and painful if pressure was applied in some areas. Here it is July 3 and I am suffering more pain from this leg more than my surgery leg. I need to know if I have a case,can you represent in Louisiana,if not please refer me.


Hi, I went to the hospital about 6 weeks ago and after they put an IV on me and My hand and arms are really numb. My hand and arms feels like asleep. Still waiting on getting better but no luck. I hope it’s not a permanent damage. What should I do?


I was being treated in the ER at the Temecula Valley hospital on September 14th 2018 for pain in my lower left rib cage. I have been healthy most of 36 years of my life up to March 2013 when symptoms of ALS started in on me. I was eventually diagnosed March 24th 2014 with ALS. I have progressed to a quadrapelegic on a ventilator and a tracheaostmy which is life support. I also have a port central catheter implanted in my upper left chest which gives access to an artery directly to my heart to administer medication. I also have a feeding peg surgically implanted in my stomach wall as a way to eat liquid foods. My wife and I suspected the peg insertion point into my stomach may be infected causing high levels of pain so we take ride share to the ER to get checked out. After getting a room they did the usual routine with administering iv fluids, blood draws, bedside exrays, etc. The ER doctor in incharge had Ordered a cat scan of my chest and stomach with contrast. Upon arrival to the radiology the tech realizes they can’t use my port to administer the contrast because of the high pressure of it being injected could compromise the port. So the radiology staff contact a certified trained ultrasound tech to come in and insert an iv in my upper right inner bicep using a ultra sound machine to help in guiding the needle into a vein. After fifteen minutes of unsuccessful attempts, my ER nurse comes into the radiology room and started attempting to insert an iv line in my left upper inner bicep. After ten minutes of fishing for a vein he to could not place the iv. So the ultra sound tech leans over me and asked the ER nurse if he would like to try and use the ultra sound machine to try to find a vein and volunteers to give it a try even though he is not certified and properly trained to use such a device. So as he starts, he jambs the needle into one of my nerves instead of a vein and this extremely painful shock radiates down my arm and into my fingers for about a couple of minutes. As I am laying there completely unable to move I’m shouting ouch! Ouch! My nerve you’re hitting my nerve. He does not stop and continues to stab at my nerve and the ultrasound tech starts to verbally tell him how to use it. After another fifteen minutes of this he finds a vein and inserts the iv and says to me, you’re tuff that was the longest it’s ever taken me and the first time I’ve ever used the ultra sound to do it. After coming home, a couple days later I start Experiencing numbness and tingling with constant pain in that hand and my thumb, index, and middle fingers that has not gone away. The pain will not allow me to sleep and gives me high levels of anxiety because I cannot move as it is due to having als which only affects motor movement not sensory nerves. Now due to the damaged sensory nerves it has added a great deal of pain and suffering. From the constant pain it makes it extremely hard to breathe do to my tracheaostmy placement which is hooked to a ventilator full time to breathe. My in home nurse Eric stopped by my house for a check up after I returned from the hospital and he said he felt a Large hematoma right where the bruises were from the insertion point of the IV and said it was most likely damage to my median nerve. I also want to mention that my er nurse was newly hired there at the hospital. Please help me, this has given me a poor quality of life on top of the terminal illness I’m already dealing with. I have already obtained my medical records from the hospital. would like to be compensated for their negligence. Please help me pursue this hospital for causing this unnecessary pain on me. Thank you for your time and help with this matter.


My son Torrey Beuchat is 31 yrs old and has severe peripheral neuropathy of bilateral hands. He has no feeling/sensation in his hands and his fingers are curved in. His fingers are not fixed in this contracted position, but he cannot extend them. He is unable to open anything including doors, button or zip. When he has tried to cook he burns his hands and can’t feel it, but has had large blisters. The nerve damage occurred when he was hospitalized June 11, 2018 for gallbladder sepsis/septic shock and he was given Levophed to bring his blood pressure up. He was in ICU for 10 days on a ventilator for 4 days. Total hospitalization was 24 days, skilled nursing facility for 1 wk and dialysis for over 2 months. With the Vasoconstrictor/Levophed he developed severe swelling which damaged the 3 main nerves in each hand. The hospital did not address the issue with his hands and after discharge we pursued EMG/NCS with Neurology.

The PCP gave no hope after receiving the Nerve Conduction Study report. We persuaded the PCP to refer to a Orthopedic Hand Surgeon for an opinion. The Hand Surgeon x-rayed and had my son follow up in 3 months. He said if any change he would have a repeat EMG/NCS and could possibly transfer a tendon on the right to help with movement of the thumb only. The 3 month follow up with the Hand Surgeon was on 12/20/18. No further plans were made except to follow up again in March. My son has lost hope and is not eating. Before the sepsis he had been working doing hard physical labor, up to 2 days prior to being taken to the Emergency Dept.

He can no longer work and had to give up his job and rental home. He also has a 5 yr old daughter who lived with him for the most part, but now is mainly with her mother.

We have 2 inches of hospital records, but only mention of the hands is the swelling and that he would require PT/OT. Now 7 months later his hands have had no improvement

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