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Punitive Damage Award | $7.76 Million In Vaginal Mesh Case Against J&J

Punitive Damage Award | $7.76 Million In Vaginal Mesh Case Against J&J In the wake of a $3.35 Product  Liability verdict against J&J, the manufacturers of Transvaginal mesh Implants which resulted in the severe medical complications in the plaintiff, the same New Jersey jury has tact on another $7.76 million dollars in punitive damages.  This brings the grand total in one of the nation’s first transvaginal mesh lawsuits to go to trial at a staggering $11.1 Million dollars. Significant Injuries Prompt the High Verdict against Johnson and Johnson By the very nature of the procedure, surgical mesh implants in the vaginal wall are unsafe and dangerous. According to testimony and evidence during the trial the Plaintiff, 47 year old Linda Gross, stated that she has had to undergo 18 revision surgeries resulting from the implantation of the defective gynecare vaginal mesh. Accordingly none of the procedures have been successful prompting a need for further revision surgeries due to the severe vaginal trauma suffered. Punitive Damages and Product Liability Claims: Punitive damages are awarded in a small percentage product liability cases. The purpose of a punitive damages award is to punish the defendant for intention or grossly negligent actions including producing a product known to cause severe injuries, or a failure to inform customers of the knows risks associated with its use. Generally the punishment comes in the form of financial compensation for the injured party. Punitive damages are awarded when it is found that the defendant concealed or lied about the impact of the product. In such cases it is possible to seek punitive damages as a form of compensation. More Information Regarding Transvaginal Mesh Litigation: Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits Value of a Vaginal Mesh Claim Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit – Statute of Limitations

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