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Segway Accident Lawyer | Defective Segway Injuries

Segway’s are a popular mode of transportation and tourism. Touring companies and resorts use offer Segway’s to residents and often times rent them out. However, without the proper supervision Segway tours or Segway rentals in Los Angeles, New York and other major cities across the county can be dangerous. If you have been injured from the use of a Segway you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Who is liable for my injuries?

Liability is always a difficult question to answer and can depend on a number of different factors. However, Segway tours can be liable if they fail to provide proper supervision, failure to provide helmets or failing to inspect the equipment prior to rental. Segway’s use motion activated and maneuvered chips, which can at times malfunction causing the machine to deny or refuse to follow the operator’s commands. A rental or touring agency has a duty to inspect such equipment to make sure they are free from defects before allowing a occupant to use the device. If you were injured as a result of a defective Segway you may be able to recover for your injuries.

Does a waiver limit my ability to recover?

Waivers are not always iron clad and can be pierced. However to do so there are certain challenges which need to be overcome in order to pierce the waiver. When an operator is negligent then a waiver may not be able to an effective mode of waiving liability. The law will not allow a company to waive their own negligence merely by having a customer or patron sign a waiver. However, in order to show liability it may be required that there be gross negligence. What is Gross Negligence: Gross negligence is defined as a wanton or reckless indifference for the safety of others. In other words the rental company must act in a manner that is beyond that of a reasonably prudent person. Thus, just because a waiver is signed, it does not mean that a rental company cannot be held liable. In such situations a rental company can still be held responsible to some degree when there is a showing of gross negligence.  Our firm has the experience you need: Downtown LA Law’s Segway accident and defect attorneys can help determine whether you are entitled to recovery for your damages. Our experts will analyze the Segway, road conditions and other factors to determine whether negligence can be found and will aggressively pursue your case. We have the resources to fully litigate and fight for your rights. Before speaking with any other firm contact Downtown LA Law for a free case evaluation.

Types of Segway  Accident Injuries

Segway injuries can rank from moderate to severe depending on the speed of the Segway at the time of the accident, the angle of the accident and the type of crash. Common Segway injuries include:
  1. Broken nose;
  2. Lung collapse;
  3. Head trauma;
  4. Traumatic brain injury;
  5. Serious facial and body lacerations;
  6. Broken tibia;
  7. Broken back;
  8. Spine trauma;
  9. Dislocated joints;
  10. Damaged or ruptured eye socket; and
  11. Serious to moderate hand injuries.
While this is not a complete list of injuries, it does outline the different types of injuries, which can occur.

What is my case worth?

Case value with regards to Segway accidents will be contingent upon the negligence of the establishment and the types of injuries. If you have suffered serious injuries and require serious medical attention and or are unable to work you may be entitled to greater monetary awards. While less severe injuries will likely receive a different type of settlement. Ultimately if you have been injured it is important to talk with a legal professional after your injury to determine whether you have a cause of action. Downtown LA Laws experienced and fearless legal team is here to help.  Our goal is to  maximizing your settlement and help you achieve optimal results. To find our if you have a product liability claim call our Law Offices Toll Free (855)385-2529 More on Defective Segway Litigation and Product Liability Claims….
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