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Moorpark Hit-and-Run Suspect Jayson Jones Captured by Police

Moorpark Hit-and-Run Suspect Jayson Jones Captured by Police According to Ventura County sheriff’s deputies the suspect of a hit and run accident in the Moorpark community of Ventura County earlier in the month has been captured. During the capture the suspect, Jayson Jones, sustained two dog bites from police K9’s. His bail has been set by the Ventura county criminal court at $90,000. More about the accident: The hit and run accident took place on Arroyo drive in the city of Moorpark at around 5:20 pm April 12th 2013. According to first responders and law enforcement officials at the scene the suspect, Jason Jones, was traveling on Arroyo Drive when he crossed the dividers and into oncoming traffic. Jones collided with a semi-truck and a second vehicle resulting in severe injuries. More on Hit and Run Accidents: Victims of hit and run accidents may be entitled to compensation for their injuries from their own insurance. According to the Uninsured Motorist Act under Insurance Code §11580.2(b), a claimant must satisfy three requisites in order to be eligible for an uninsured motorist coverage following a hit and run collision. 1. Physical contact – there must be physical contact with the automobile of the hit and run driver and the injured victim or their automobile. 2. Filing of a Police Report – A report must be filed by a victim of a hit and run accident within 24 hours. 3. Statement to insurance company – the victim must give a statement to their own insurance company regarding the incident. More Information: For more information regarding injuries during hit and run accidents contact our personal injury law firm (855)385-2529.

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