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Costco Chicken Salmonella Lawsuit – Foster Farms Contamination

Costco Chicken Salmonella Lawsuit – Foster Farms Contamination Our law firm is currently undertaking class action and single party lawsuits against Foster Farms as well as local and regional distributors of contaminated cooked (rotisserie)  and frozen chicken including Costco. Victims of salmonella poisoning may be entitled to compensation vial the filing a single party or class action lawsuit. Free Attorney Consultation: If you or a loved one have contracted salmonella or any other food borne illnesses due to the consumption of chicken sold at Costco contact our law offices till free (855)385-2529.

What needs to be Proven in the Court Of Law – Filing a Product Liability Claim

The vast majority of mass food poisoning claims are based on a product liability cause of action. There are three basic way a defective product lawsuit can be proven in the court of law. 1. Defect resulting from the original design of the product. 2. Defect due to faulty manufacturing, processing and distribution of the product. 3. Labeling defect – failure to warn customers of danger associated with the consumption of the product. Other potential causes of action: Other than a defective product, causes of action common used in food borne illness lawsuits include, breach of warranty, breach of contract and negligence. Wrongful Death Claims: Unfortunately in many instances individuals with compromised immune systems are not able to withstand the brunt of salmonella contraction resulting in death. In many jurisdictions including the state of California certain relatives of the deceased are have to the  right to file a wrongful death lawsuit and receive compensation from at fault (liable) parties. Compensation Available: Victims of salmonella contamination due to the eating of foster farms chicken sold at local Costco locations are entitled to financial recovery for all damages suffered. The value of a food poisoning case is dependent on several important factors unique to every case. Some of the most important factors are as follows..
  • All medical and health related cost incurred including cost of hospitalization.
  • All future medical and rehabilitation expenses.
  • Lost earning resulting from the inability to work.
  • Pain and suffering – mental anguish and PTS
Legal Assistance: If you have any further questions feel free to contact to contact our law offices. All legal consultations are confidential and free of charge. Further Information: Deadline to filing a food poisoning lawsuit

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