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Audubon Elementary School – Food Poisoning Lawsuit – Class Action Info

Audubon Elementary School – Food Poisoning Lawsuit – Class Action Info

Reports indicated 18 children becoming violently sick after consuming what is believed to be tainted food. In these types of situations where multiple parties suffered identical injuries, it is clear that some degree of food poisoning has taken place. A school such as Audubon Elementary School, is required to provide a safe premises for all students. Failure to properly inspect the food or qualify 3rd party catering companies is grounds for negligence.

School Liability: A school will be liable when multiple students become sick from exposure to potentially poisonous foods. While the side effects will ultimately wear off, it is different for each student. Parents should take precautions and seek immediate medical attention if they notice their child is portraying signs of food poisoning.

3Rd Party Liability: It is also important to note that other parties may be responsible. According to reports a 3rd party-catering company prepared certain foods off site. The school has a duty to inspect the facilities of these companies. If they are not properly maintained or if the staff is not properly trained, then they can be held liable for injuries.

What Parents Need to Know: Parents who are interested in pursuing a lawsuit for their child’s injuries are permitted to do so. Remember, filing a claim against a city owned or operated facility can only be done within SIX MONTHS from the date of the injury. Unlike other personal injury claims, government or city claims must be commenced within that time frame. Our Law Firm: Downtown L.A. Law Group is currently evaluating cases against both the school and its 3rd party catering company. If you were injured seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Do not attempt to self diagnose as food poisoning can be serious. Particularly in cases involving young children, it is unclear what the long-term health complications may be, if any.

Those interested in pursuing a lawsuit can contact Downtown L.A. Law Group for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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