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Food Allergic Reaction Attorney – Anaphylactic Shock Lawsuit

Every year thousands of individuals suffer severe physical harm including cases of anaphylactic shock due to the ingestions of products and food stuffs which may include harmful ingredients. Liability can be established when individuals or institutions charged with the nutritional care of individuals have knowledge of the persons allergic based dietary restrictions but fail take necessary steps to insure their health. Common products common associated with severe allergic reactions include, various type of nuts, gluten products including wheat based ingredients, milk, eggs, peanuts, soybean, shellfish and other typed of seafood. Attorneys Helping Victims of Allergic Reaction: Our attorneys can guide you through some of the most challenging food poisoning and food allergy claims. We are dedicated to pursuing justice for all individual who have suffered harm due to the negligent or wrongful actions of others.

Common Places Where Food Allergies and Cases of Anaphylactic Shock Are Common:

Some common locations and establishments where food allergy claims can take place include..
  • Nursing homes and elderly care centers.
  • Hospitals and hospice care centers.
  • Child day care centers and schools including public and private schools.
  • Restaurants – when they are giving prior notification of allergy amongst customers.
  • Manufacturers of food including bread manufacturers for failure to warn of the presence potentially allergic substances.

Food Allergic Reaction Compensation for Victims of Their Families:

Innocent children, the elderly and other who suffer from severe food related allergic reactions caused by the negligence mismanagement of wrongful actions of others are entitle financial recovery from all liable parties. An estimation of settlement values on such case is predicated on several significant factors outlined below..
  • The extent and magnitude of the injuries suffered by the victim.
  • Requirement for future medical and rehabilitation care.
  • Pain and suffering compensation including emotional trauma and mental anguish.
  • Compensation for inability to work – lost wages and loss of future income.
  • Availability for Punitive damages – In personal injury claims punitive damages can be awarded where the at fault party acted with the intent to cause harm or knew such action would likely lead to harm.

Anaphylactic Shock Food Allergy LiabilityDeath Caused by Anaphylactic Shock – Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit for the Death of a Loved One:

In many jurisdictions including the state of California certain relatives of the deceased are entitled to financial restitution from at fault parties via the filing a wrongful death cause of action. To learn more about your right to wrongful death claims see here… Cost of Hiring an Attorney to Represent You in Your Case: Our legal representatives work on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients do not have to pay for any of their legal fees out of pocket. Our fees will be taken out of any settlement of the case. How to Reach Out To Us: If you have any further legal questions and would like to speak directly with one our legal representatives feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529. All legal consultations are provided free of charge.

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