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Cambria Hotels - Abogado de lesiones personales

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Types of Accidents at Cambria Hotels

There are many forms of accidents that can happen at Cambria Hotels. Some are included below:

Slip and fall accidents and trip and fall accidents due to wet floors, torn carpeting, broken stairs, discarded items in hallways, drops without warning signs, spilled food, and more

Swimming pool accidents due to lifeguard error, defective ladders, broken diving boards, and more

Bed bug incidents and other forms of vermin infestations in rooms

Electric shocks and burns because of faulty appliances, faulty wiring, exposed wires, and more

Parking lot and parking garage accidents, such as those related to car crashes, control arm malfunctions, potholes, and more

Assault and battery carried out by other guests, bar patrons, visitors, workers, and more

No matter what kind of incident you suffer at a Cambria Hotel, it is important that you pursue adequate legal representation.

How to File a Personal Injury Claim Against Cambria Hotels

In order to file a personal injury claim against Cambria Hotels, you must prove that you were a victim of negligence and that the hotel was responsible for your injuries. This means that you will be filing a personal injury claim.

Normally, personal injury claims require that you were owed a duty of care that was breached, and that the breach of duty led to an accident that resulted in physical injuries. If you weren’t physically injured, you won’t be able to file a personal injury claim to collect certain damages. Instead, you will only be able to pursue loss of income and damaged property. However, if you were hurt and needed medical treatment, you could receive additional damages.

For premises liability claims, you must show that you the property owner or manager caused the hazard, knew about the hazard and did nothing to fix it, or was unaware of the hazard but reasonably should have been.

For a personal injury lawsuit, all of the points must be shown to be true; however, premises liability only requires that one of the scenarios is true.

You can file specific lawsuits based on the nature of your case. For example, if you were attacked by a security guard, you could take legal action against numerous parties, such as the security guard, the security company, the hotel, and more.

Other claims are more difficult to file. A bed bug lawsuit against Cambria Hotels can be difficult if you already checked out, only to discover that you were infested by bed bugs at a later date. You may know that you were bitten at the hotel but did not notice the bites until after you had already left, by which point the hotel might have cleaned the room.

It is also possible that you were hurt in a way that could be construed as your fault. If you fell in the shower at the hotel, you may not be able to claim that the floor was slippery – all shower floors generally are slippery, after all. However, you can sue the hotel for a shower accident if the handrail on the door was faulty, if there was a broken tile, if there was a leak, and more.

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Steps to Take to File a Personal Injury Claim against Cambria Hotels

If you are going to file a lawsuit against Cambria Hotels, you will need to establish that you were a guest. You may have been an invitee, a licensee, or a trespasser. Invitees are essentially paying customers, those who are on the property for a mutual benefit. Licensees are not paying customers but are more social guests; this may include visitors to the hotel, for instance. Trespassers have no legal right to be on the property but still must not be deliberately harmed.

You must also show that the hotel was negligent in some way. This can be done by proving that the hotel owner knew about any of the defects and chose not to fix them, address them, or provide any warnings to guests about the dangers; if the hotel owner or manager caused the issue; or if the hotel owner were not aware of the problem at all, but reasonably should have been due to inspecting and basic maintenance.

You should take these steps to sue Cambria Hotels:

  • Go to the doctor at once for medical help. You should not delay the treatment, as doing so can negatively impact your claim and your health. You should get treated immediately to ensure that you are not hurt elsewhere. If you do not go to the doctor immediately, the insurance agent can claim that you were not hurt or that you were hurt elsewhere and you are simply trying to blame the injury on the first opportunity.

  • Make copies of medical receipts and doctor’s notes, test results, insurance billing papers, and more.

  • Take pictures of your injuries that you suffered.

  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident in the hotel or the hazard that was present.

  • Ask eyewitnesses, bystanders, and other guests for their input on what happened if they saw the incident happen. You can keep these statements and testimonies for your claim, as many perspectives are more beneficial than just one.

  • Request security footage or surveillance videos if possible, as the hotel may have them of the corridors, bar area, pool area, and more.

  • Do not immediately alert the hotel to your accident or injuries, as the manager will try to prevent you from gathering necessary proof. Only file an incident report once you have crucial evidence.

  • Call an attorney who can help you file a claim

With proper diligence, your claim will have sufficient evidence and will be unable to be thrown out by the insurance agent. A lawyer at our firm will also help you with the necessary negotiations.

Value of Your Cambria Hotels Claim

If you slipped and fell at Cambria Hotels or if you were injured in any way while staying at the facility, you can receive ample compensation for your damages. The value of your claim will be determined by the insurance agent handling it; he will weigh the severity and impact your injuries had on your life and career, as well as your age and career type. He will also consider how negligent you were in the incident; if you had a responsibility in the accident as well, your case value will likely decrease.

Our experienced lawyers for Cambria Hotel lawsuits will work to bring you the maximum compensation available for your lawsuit. We will seek to bring you coverage for the following damages and losses:

  • Medical bills from the past and future for surgery, medication, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and more

  • Missed income from the past and future for any time spent away from work due to the injuries, recovery time, and future medical treatments

  • Damaged property for any items that were lost, broken, or in need of replacement in the incident

  • Pain and suffering damages for PTSD, anxiety, fear, emotional anguish, mental trauma, and more

  • Wrongful death damages if a loved one or family member passed away in the incident, which can include loss of consortium and relations, loss of expected income and inheritance, pre-death medical expenses and pain and suffering, funeral and burial fees, and more

Statute of Limitations on Cambria Hotel Personal Injury Claims

The statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim against Cambria Hotels is two years from the date of the injury. Failure to abide by this time restriction will cause your claim to become null and void. You cannot receive any compensation if you try to sue outside of the time limit, so it is crucial that you act quickly. It will also benefit your claim the sooner you act, as your evidence will be best preserved and will not have been lost or corrupted in any way.

Es posible que la prescripción se suspenda en algunas situaciones. Entre las situaciones más comunes en las que se amplía el plazo de prescripción se incluyen las siguientes:

  • Los menores que resultaron heridos en el siniestro pueden esperar a cumplir 18 años para demandar, ya que antes no pueden hacerlo legalmente

  • A las víctimas que quedaron incapacitadas tras el incidente se les puede ampliar el plazo de prescripción, ya que no pueden demandar hasta que recuperen un estado mental o físico funcional.

  • Los demandados que hayan abandonado el estado pueden provocar la paralización del estatuto hasta su regreso, ya que no pueden ser demandados mientras no estén presentes

La principal razón por la que los particulares no consiguen obtener indemnización por sus daños es el incumplimiento del plazo de prescripción. Es posible que no sepan cuánto tiempo queda o que ni siquiera sepan que existe un plazo. Puede llamar a nuestro bufete para saber cuándo prescribe su reclamación y, si nos contrata, haremos llegar sus pruebas y trabajaremos en todo a tiempo.

Nuestra empresa y usted

The Downtown LA Law Group will do everything possible to secure you a fair amount of compensation for your injuries. We fully dedicate ourselves to all of our clients, and we will always keep you informed about the progress of your claim. Call us any time for a free legal consultation to discuss your claim. We’re available around the clock.

También recibirá una garantía de honorarios cero si nos contrata. Esto significa que usted no tiene que pagar honorarios a nuestra firma por nuestros servicios. Sólo se nos pagará si ganamos, y tomaremos nuestro pago como una parte de la liquidación del lavado de autos. Si perdemos, usted no nos debe nada, y nosotros nos comemos las pérdidas del caso.

To sue Cambria Hotels for injuries, contact the Downtown LA Law Group today.

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